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Spring 2 - Romans on the Rampage!

Romans on the Rampage!

After arriving back at school, we found out that we needed to help the RAD (Roman Archaeologist Dig) analyse some Roman artefacts.

We found out that our school field was home to some very important evidence - but how did it get to Britain? We were entrusted by the RAD to look over this evidence and see what it would tell us about the Romans and their impact on the modern world. 

The snow and cold didn't stop us from from completing our dig! Have a look at some of the evidence we found. We narrowed it down in history and identified that these are all artifacts linking back top Roman times!

In order to see where in history the Romans were, we created our own history timeline.

We then looked at some key Roman events, also placing these in the correct order.

We began by looking at how the Romans initially began in Rome, only occupying this land and then how their occupancy spread as they invaded more and more areas of land. We used ourselves to show this!

In our science lessons, we began by looking at solids, liquids and gases. We looked at the properties of each and thought about how the particles move. We went outside and imagined that we were particles moving around!

We started to look at the Roman army and the different battle tactics which were used. We looked at these different battle formation tactics and practiced them so we were prepared for battle!

In our science, we investigated gases. We looked at the amount of carbon dioxide in fizzy drinks, testing to see whether gas has a weight.