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'If you believe you can do it, you can and you will!'

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Mindfulness Meditation

We all have times when we feel worried about things, which is completely normal.  How have you been feeling recently?  I am sure that you're missing your friends and have been a bit fed up some days!

Our breathing can help us calm down when we feel anxious and can help us to focus on things that we can control in our lives.


There are things that we can't control like the weather and things that we are in control over such as how we treat other people.  Find a quiet space and complete the meditation on the youtube link below, focus on your breathing. 


Then create a poster telling me all about the things you can control and those you can't.  There is a picture above for inspiration.  If you would like to you could even do it on Purple Mash so I can see your super work!  


Mindfulness Meditation for Kids | BREATHING EXERCISE | Guided Meditation for Children

Living, dead or never been alive.

Lets look at the features of living things, We are alive but what makes us different from something that isn't?  What are the 7 things that all living things do?

Watch the video below and then read through the slides.  

After that go on a scavenger hunt (this could be in your garden, in Middleton Park, or when you go out for a walk outside).  Try and find some examples of things that are alive, dead, or never have been alive.  If you can take some pictures and put them on purple mash that would be great! 

#ThisIsPE - Coordination with ball skills

Your PE challenge for today is practicing your ball skills, watch this video and then have a go. Have fun, and be careful

For art, go and make some tree faces. First you will need to make a dough, (the instructions are just below) then shape it and stick it to a tree. Finally gather lots of natural objects and create your own face. Here are some of the ones we made in school over the past few days.

1. You must use a salt free dough. Salt is extremely dangerous to animals and because of the volumes needed in dough, if any traces were to be left behind and digested by the animals it would result in them being very poorly. It has been reported that pets who have digested playdough made with salt have even been killed. At the bottom of this post we share with you a great, easy dough recipe that uses no salt. A recipe that is much safer to venture into the woods with and enjoy this activity.


2. Only collect Nature that you find already on the forest floor. Don't pick berries/leaves/sticks etc off the trees and bushes. It will be a good talking point on your walk and will help children respect and appreciate the woodland. 


3. Remember to take all the dough back with you. It easily removes from the tree trunks. Under no circumstances should they be left behind. Take a camera, use a phone or tablet to take photos to keep of your artwork. 

Now for the Salt Free Dough Recipe:

You will need:

Plain Flour


Warm Water

Food colouring (optional - we left ours plain)
Mixing Bowl 




1. Measure out 2 cups of flour and empty them into the large mixing bowl.

2. Stir in 3 tablespoons of oil.

3. Get another cup of boiled water (let it cool for a bit so its not too hot to touch) and add to the dough in parts, mixing and adding until you get the dough consistency needed. 

4.  You will need to use your hands to continue to knead the dough together. When the dough is 'doughy' but doesn't stick to your hands at all, you have achieved the perfect consistency. 


Class song. The sun will come out tomorrow.

Still image for this video
Use the link to the song below to learn the song and then video yourself singing along and email it to me at I cant wait to see your versions.

Tomorrow Annie (2014) Lyrics

Go and have some fun in the sunshine. Whilst on a walk in the woods or just at the end of your garden try and make a little fairy house. When your finished, go on to purple mash and write a description of it, telling me all about it.

The two most important festivals that Christians celebrate are Christmas and Easter. Go through the slides and read the story of Jesus' death and resurrection. Can you retell the story? Go on to Purple mash and sequence the pictures in order to retell the story.

Paper Easter Egg Craft - Easter crafts for kids

Easter is coming and these eggs are super to make (especially if you cant use real eggs at the moment) You can decorate them in any way and they will look great on your windowsill.

Easy Easter Egg Basket DIY | Easter Crafts for Kids

You might want to make your own Easter Egg Basket, ready for the bunny at Easter.