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Walk to Parliment Sponsored Walk.


Every class has walked to and from the park meaning collectively we have walked the same distance as walking from school to the houses of Parliament! 


We did very well and we're there and back in 25minutes and the bad weather didn't even stop us! 

Autumn 1 - Thursday 23rd September - Sinai Synagogue Roundhay visit

Following our RE work, our first trip of the year was to Sinai Synagogue in Roundhay. We began the day by getting the number 2 bus from Westwood to the synagogue and spotted some of the sights we had been speaking about in geography as we went through the city centre.

We arrived at the Synagogue and met our tour guide Caroline. She began by showing us the special windows at Sinai shaped as a menorah. She then took us to see the Sukkah and explained that this was a temporary hut built at the synagogue for the festival of Sukkot. It is common for Jews to eat, sleep and otherwise spend time in the Sukkah. In Judaism, Sukkot is considered a joyous occasion. We then went inside the synagogue. 

Once inside, we learnt about the Hebrew language. Caroline taught us how to spell and say the Hebrew phrase 'Shalom' and discussed other elements of the synagogue including their books. She showed us The Ark and 3 of the Torah scrolls which Sinai has. She also explained about the lamp above the Ark to represent God's presence. Caroline then got a Torah scroll out and the children got the chance to get up close to it. It was important that they did not touch it because the oil in their hands could damage the 200-year old scroll. Meanwhile, some children had a go at writing 'Shalom' in Hebrew on their own scrolls which we brought back to school.

To end our visit, we found out some of the differences between a traditional synagogue and Sinai and got the chance to ask some questions. We then returned back to Westwood on the Number 2 bus and played a lovely game of whoever can be quiet the longest is the winner! 


Mr Cooper, Mrs Wilson, Miss Robertshaw and Mrs Russell are incredibly proud at how well the children of Oak Class represented Westwood whilst at the synagogue. They listened very carefully, they were very respectful and asked lots of wonderful questions - they were an absolute credit to our school and we are very proud of them!

Autumn 1 - Tuesday 28th September - Scooter Safety Training with the Influencing Travel Behaviour Team

On Tuesday 28th September, the Influencing Travel Behaviour Team from Leeds City Council visited Westwood to do some work with Oak Class around being safe on the roads. They brought scooters and helmets and set the playground up as a fake pavement and road. They taught the children how to safely ride and threw in some scenarios too about crossing roads and driveways. Unfortunately, our time with the team was cut a bit short by a torrential downpour of rain, but it was still a great learning experience for the children. Thanks to Harriet and Amber from LCC for coming to see us! 

Autumn 1 - Thursday 21st October - RSHE Democracy visit from Hilary Benn MP for Middleton

We were delighted to welcome MP for Leeds Central and Middleton Hilary Benn back to Westwood this week to speak to our Year 4 children about his job. Hilary spoke to the children about his role as an MP live from his London office. The children got the chance to ask some questions, which were very thoughtful and some challenging for Hilary, and the children learnt lots of useful information. It was a lovely way to complete our RSHE Democracy topic. Thank you to Hilary for taking time out of his very busy schedule to come and talk to us again this year.