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Digital Art & DT

Throughout all Key Stages our children have lots of opportunities to develop their digital Art and DT skills.


Purple Mash contains two main painting tools; 2Paint and 2Paint A Picture. It also contains many Paint Projects that are topic or theme specific.

2Design and Make allows children to design nets and more, on screen and then print and make them in real life. They can choose from a variety of templates such as vehicles, houses and 3D shapes and, as their skills progress, they can design their own.

KS1 & KS2

2Paint A Picture is a drawing tool that enables our children to continue to develop and enhance their skills to create various painting effects and combine these effects to make pictures and models.


Here the children were learning about Pointillism and Impressionism. They were able to use the appropriate effects to create their own examples of these artistic styles.




Here their Adventure took them under the sea so they used the mosaic effect to create beautiful fish.



When their Adventure took them on different modes of transport, they used a vehicle template from 2 Design and Make, to create their own 3D designs.


In KS2 our children continue to build on the skills they have learnt and are given lots of opportunities to express their artistic talents in increasingly independent ways, linking their work, wherever possible, to their Adventure.

Here are some samples of their brilliant efforts!








Here our LKS2 children's Adventure took place in New York so they designed their own colourful skyscrapers to add to the famous skyline!



One of the children's favourite Adventures in Upper KS2 takes them into the magical world of Harry Potter.

Here not only did they design their own Night Buses, they went on to print them out and construct them, together with Class versions of Diagon Alley - they really enjoyed these activities and showed wonderful imagination.




Here our Upper KS2 children had to design and build a gift box for their best friend. They had to consult with their friend to determine their brief and then use 2Design and Make to create their designs.