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Spring 1 - Billionaire Boy

In Writing this week, we made a poster all about Mr Spud's life! We got into groups and thought about his early life, influential people and his success. Afterwards, we learnt about the key features of a biography and matched these to an existing one on Roald Dahl!

In music we’ve been learning all about Hip hop! We wrote and choreographed our own song in groups! 

This week in writing, we gave our partner a tour around Bumfresh Towers! After this, we wrote a setting description 

This week in writing, we're writing a diary entry on Joe's first day at his new school. We thought about Joe felt at the start of the cross-country race, during the race and at the end. This helped us form the structure!

In Art, we've been introduced to Andy Warhol! We went around the classroom observing his most famous work and then we completed a fact file all on him. Following this, we started our print design in the style of Andy Warhol, we're making a print of a chocolate bar to give Bob (Joe's first friend.)

Joe has everything in the world apart from a friend! We gave Joe a helping hand by first making a potion to create the perfect friend. We thought about the different characteristics including, kindness, generosity, being accepting and not being materialistic. Afterwards, we wrote an advert for a friend for Joe.  

In PE, we focused on the skill of 'throwing' we worked in teams to improve our accuracy and precision. We finished by playing a team game of 'Destroy the castle!' This consisted of working in two teams to construct 3 castles, the aim is to knock the opponent's castles down and after five minutes the team with the most castles standing is the winner!


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In Science, we've started our unit on electricity! We were left with lots of different equipment and had to find things out for ourselves! We completed different activities including different sorting challenges, thinking about safety, thinking about the odd one out and making our own circuit! 

In RSHE, we discovered the different types of bullying and what these looked like. Then, we were given different scenarios in which we had to respond to! Finally, we made an action plan to tackle bullying including a network of people who would be appropriate to tell if we ever experienced it or witnessed it.