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Friday 29th Jan


Continuing with bar charts, we will be looking at scales and how this may change depending on the information given. We will discuss in the live lesson how information from a table can be represented in graphs and charts and how this may be an easier way to read the information. The guided practice can be done independently as well as the workbook questions. You seem to have enjoyed doing this more than division. Keep the work coming in.

Guided reading:

In guided reading, we are going to carry on reading The Twits. As you enjoyed visualisation Mr Twit so much, I thought you would like to do the same with Mrs Twit. Read through the Mrs Twit description, we will be reading this together in the live lesson too, and visualise what you think she would look like. Think about how she might smell as well. Then, once you have drawn the image, I would like you to label it with reasons why you think she would look that way. Use quotes from the text.


Today we will be writing a conclusion for your instructions. I want you to tell your reader what they must do with their finished product. This could be to share the pancakes with family members or to use the headdress as a fancy dress costume. A conclusion should include some suggestions like this. You might also want to give suggestions about what they could do differently next time if they were to make it again. We will discuss these ideas in the live lesson and the independent activity will be a short edit lesson where you will edit a conclusion that I have come up with to make it better.


Muscles and their functions. Go through the presentation to learn about the different functions of muscles. Then, choose 3 activities which you think will use your muscles. First, draw the activity, then predict which muscles you'll use by circling them on the body map. Then, complete the exercise and circle the muscles you did actually use. 

Celebration assembly!

Star of the week- Miss Robertshaw will choose the person who has been trying extra hard all week and has stood out for their outstanding work and attitude in all areas.

The Bug Club Award- this goes to the person who has been reading on bug club and is clearly trying their best with the questions.

Good work- 4 people have the opportunity to get good work as their will be someone chosen for each subject.