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Wednesday 20th Jan


Today we are going to be focusing on using the bus shelter method to divide numbers. This time, we will be looking at remainders, this means what's left over at the end if the number can't be divided equally. Remember that the word equal is really important when dividing. During the live lesson, we will go through some examples together before you do your guided practice and workbook questions independently. Don't forget to send me your work through email!


Talk through example;

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Guided reading:

To help us familiarise ourselves further with biographies, I thought it would be a good idea to have a look at a biography about Roald Dahl and answer some comprehension questions following from this. This is focusing on the retrieval skill as you will need to look back through the text to find your answer. Please make sure your answers are in full sentences and send me your work through the class email.


Today we are going to start writing our biography about Charles Darwin. After all the research you have done about him and now we understand the structure of a biography, we should know exactly what we need to include. During the live lesson we will do some shared writing and come up with an introduction together. We will be focusing on pronouns. There is a presentation underneath to help you. You will then come up with some key points that you could include under each subheading independently. 



Our adventure lesson for today is science. Go through the slides which talk about the different food groups. Then, there is an activity where you match up the food groups to the function of the food. Finally, look around your kitchen cupboards and find nutritional information for 10 items of food and write it in a table.