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Friday 12th February

Friday 12th February


Well guys, we have made it to the end of one of the strangest half terms ever. Who would have thought that this is how the new year would have started, it's crazy to think that most of you I haven't actually seen in 2021. I am so proud of how every single child in this class has adapted to this massive change and how resilient and amazing you have all been throughout all of this. Parents have also been absolutely amazing and you guys are all extremely lucky to have such caring and loving families at home who have helped you through all of this! I am so incredibly proud of everything you've all achieved this half term - you've all believed you can do it and look at that, you have!!


It's the last day today and then we'll be having a week off next week! Please relax next week. Please have some time outside and away from the screens. Please recharge your batteries and be ready to go again. Unfortunately, we are going to continue learning from home after half term for at least 2 weeks. But, I'm sure you will all be as amazing as you have this half term and I have everything crossed that we'll be back in school on 8th March! 


Today, we'll have all of the normal lessons and then this afternoon our celebration assembly will be a special extended one. We have star of the half term, the official premiere of 'Everything will be alright', art gallery, we have a special message for someone in our class and I'll also be giving you a sneak preview of next half term's adventure.... please log in at 2.30pm - I'd love to see every single one of you there! 


Guided Reading - live at 10.30am on Teams

Today, we're going to compare the different tales we have read during the week thinking about the traditional story and Roald Dahl's version. We're going to think about characters, key facts and parts of the story and where the story is set. We'll see if there are any similarities between the different tales or if there is a pattern in Roald Dahl's tales. You can fill out the similarities and differences on the sheet below.

RSHE - anytime

We have received some letters back from the children at STAR Academy in America - just in time for us finishing! They are closed to all teaching so Ms Ferrone has sent me some electronic versions of letters back. Have a look at them here and read them - they are really nice and it is lovely that they have sent us some letters back. If you'd like to, you could start this today and continue it over half term, you could write a letter back to STAR Academy telling them everything we have learnt about America this half term - I will then electronically send them to Ms Ferrone and we will continue this pen partnership! 

Writing - live on Teams at 1pm

We are going to write the conclusion to our discussions today. In the live lesson, we'll see what some of you thought and what your conclusions were. We will then write one together and you guys then need to write your conclusion - where would you prefer to live and where.


This is the section where you need to use the first person and can say your opinion. Once you've completed it, sent it over to me and then flick back to the handwriting page and make sure you've done any of the ones you haven't done yet!

In conclusion, 

Some people might prefer to live in the UK but I would prefer…

After considering the arguments on both sides, 


After considering the arguments on both sides, I would prefer to live in North America because there are lots of celebrities. However, there are good things about the UK like my family and friends but there is much more to see and do in North America.


I would like to live in the UK because I’ve got lots of friends and family here and there is loads of fun stuff.


I would prefer to live in North America because there is more nice things to learn about there and there are lots of cool buildings to visit.


Because it’s big and you can go to see they’re like big tall buildings and loads of shops in New York.


I would like to live in the UK because it has the Queen in it, London Eye and lots of other stuff.


Maths - live on Teams at 9.15am

Today, we're going to do a little bit of a knowledge check. Please complete this ON YOUR OWN so that I can see what you can do - it's a little bit like a mini test. This will show me what you know and where we need to go next after half term with our maths remotely. We'll do a bit of a revision session on the live lesson and go through a few together and then I'd like you to spent 30 minutes or so completing the questions. Send me your questions and I'll get back to you with some feedback and your score by the end of today.