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Wednesday 10th Feb


Linking to yesterday's lesson, we are going to be looking at mixed numbers again but this time on a number line. During the live lesson, we will practice counting along a number line and thinking about what would fill in the missing gaps. You will then carry out the guided practice and workbook questions which are 1 sheet each, independently.

Guided reading:

Today we are going to be reading the chapter 'Mrs Twit goes ballooning up' during the live lesson. The title of the next chapter is 'Mrs Twit comes ballooning down' so I would like us to use this knowledge to predict what will happen next. How will Mrs Twit come back down. Instead of writing this as a paragraph, I would like you to plan this out as a storyboard. I would like you to fill 6 boxes with pictures and if you'd like to write a sentence for each one then you can. Make sure you send me your predictions.


Now that you have done your geography lessons, you know more about North America and the UK. Our writing genre this week is a discussion and we are going to discuss whether we think it would be better to live in America or the UK. During the live lesson, we will look at the structure and features of a discussion and talk about some reasons for both sides of the argument. Your independent activity is to plan out your discussion using the layout attached underneath making sure you think about what you would include in your opening and concluding paragraph along with 3 good things about both sides. Tell me why it would be good to live in the UK and also why it would be good to live in North America.



Today is Internet Safety Day and the focus is on trust- Can we trust everything we see online? We will go through the presentation together during the assembly at 2:30. There is also an activity and competition that Mrs Oates has set.


There is an Internet Safety Quiz on Purple Mash 2Do.


Again on Purple Mash, there is a 2Do- Design an Internet Safety Leaflet.




Another part of the RSHE this week is basic life support training. I would like you to go through the presentation that explains how to carry out the recovery position, assessment and CPR and then practice these techniques on your toys at home. Send me photos!