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Rocking around the coast

Rocking around the coast  Image result for sebastian the crab

We can not believe we are in the final half term of the school year! We hope you had a lovely half term, how lovely was it for the children to get good weather over the bank holiday and the rest of the week?

As I'm sure you may have guessed with our trip letters going out before the holidays our adventure this half term is Rocking around the coast. Sebastian (Seb) has come to visit us because his rock pool where he lives is becoming inhospitable due to the conditions of the coast. The children will be looking at habitats and living things (science), physical features of a coast, land use and settlements and ordinance survey maps (geography) as well as lots of other fun topics.




The children have been looking at grouping living things. Grouping living things. Plants and animals can be divided into groups by looking at the similarities and differences between them. Plants are divided into two groups, flowering plants and non-flowering plants. Animals are divided into two main groups. Animals that have a backbone are called vertebrates



After grouping the living things, the children then looked at classifying vertebrates. A vertebrate have a spinal column and can be split in a simple way into 4 categories: fish, reptiles, birds and mammals.

  The children did lots of research on different animals and made a leaflet packed with information all about their chosen animal including their habitat, diet, appearance and life cycle. This research came in handy for the children writing their own non-chronological report.

The children then looked at classification keys, these are a set of questions about the characteristics of living things. It allows us to group different animals together by their characteristics.  Here are some examples below

See the source imageSee the source image

This week the children have looked at environmental changes and how they can impact the areas around us. This includes changes made by the weather, human influence or animal interaction. The children looked specifically at rock pools for this subject. We found that all rock pools are different and depending on whether they are submerged by the sea depends on which creatures live there and whether the condition is stable. Rock pools that are submerged have a more stable environment than shallow rock pools.


The children also looked at maps of the UK to see where Scarborough was located on the east coast. They then looked at a closer map of the area to see what the landscape looked like and if there was anything special there you don't find in many places.

Today the children have been looking around the classroom at new and old pictures of Middleton. We saw how the area has changed over the years and how more houses have been built due to the housing demand, new retail shops due to the increased population and what historic areas are still the same.
The children then had to write a speech as a council member about protecting the local environment and present a new proposal of how we should protect it. There were some brilliant speeches written, I think we could have a couple of future MP's in the making.
The children were very excited this week on the countdown for our trip to Scarborough. We looked at the weather forecast for the times we would be there on the beach. The children wrote their own weather reports to use on our trip to Scarborough. We looked at written weather reports and some live weather reports to see which words and techniques were used to cover wide areas of land.
The time has finally arrived for us to go to Scarborough on our class trip to the Sea Life Centre. The year 3 children along with a couple of year 4's went on the Wednesday which had a bumpy start when the door wouldn't close on the coach and we had to then wait for a replacement coach. Once we got on our way the children were very excited, we even saw 3 bears made of hay bales playing the guitar on the way. We arrived in good time and made our way into the Sea Life Centre. Wow there was so much to see and do! We made our way around all the different areas onto penguin island, past the jellyfish tank and the stingray pool. We made a visit to a rock pool where we even got to touch some of the creatures ad learn more interesting facts. Take a look at the pictures to see how much fun we had ....