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I will be delivering a live phonics lesson at 10.30 for all children to attend. Please have a pen and paper ready for the spelling part of the session.


Please also complete the extra phonics lesson below - in class we usually do 2 lessons of phonics a day so it would be great if an extra could be done at home.

Phonics set 2 - oy sound

Well done - this is our last set 2 sound today! 'oy' toy to enjoy 🤖 Join me tomorrow for set 3 and please share all your fantastic work using #MrsSuthersPho...

Fantastic Mr Fox - Chapter 1

Still image for this video


We now be counting and grouping items.


The workbook is asking you to count how many items there is and write the answer - to count each item individually would take a long time and we can make mistakes along the way. Therefore, I would like you to circle the groups of 10 and count how many groups there is (e.g. 3 groups 10 is 30) and then add the leftover ones (4 ones added to 30 = 34).  This is shown in this work as 30 and 4 make 34. 


It is important the children understand the place value in a 2 digit number and that when you put 30 and 4 together the 4 replaces the 0 and doesn't become 304. The 4 must go in the ones column.


Now we have reached the Island and found all the amazing, magical areas, it is time to follow the map to see what we find at the big red 'X'. Oh no! The treasure chest has gone missing! Has somebody stolen it? Has it got lost?


I would like you to create a 'missing' poster for the treasure chest as it may be full of beautiful pearls and sparkling jewels.... On the poster I would like you to include where it was last seen (describe the Island) and what it looks like (describe the treasure chest and its contents). Make sure you are very clear in your description and include lots of detail e.g. adjectives and nouns. 


For example:

Where was it last seen?

The treasure chest was last seen buried under the golden sand on Pirate Island. It was near a huge tree that grows delicious coconuts and has long spikey leaves.


Make sure you are having a go at spelling yourself, using your fred fingers and phonics sounds. You must use adjectives in your writing to help find the missing treasure chest and use 'and' to extend your sentence.


Once you have made your posters, I would love to see them so please email me your work at


In Science we are learning all about the Human Body and how to survive. Today, we are going to name all the different basic parts of the human body; head, foot, toe, arm, leg etc. Follow the link below to watch a short clip on BBC Bitesize. 


Complete the worksheet below - you could draw your own person and give the body labels or even label a member of your household!