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Spring 1

We made shaving foam ice creams for the children to explore. They loved the chocolate sprinkles on top and couldn’t work out what to do at first. They put their fingers in the shaving foam and then started tipping them up. They were so excited to see there was pasta inside which they then pinched their fingers together to put it back in the cups. The then pretended they were ice creams and made a shop selling them to their friends. Lovely play Nursery. 

Parental involvement soup making 

We had lots of fun making our soup so our parents could taste it when they came in this afternoon. We used peelers to peel the carrots and potatoes and knives to cut up the celery and onion. We then added salt, chopped tomatoes and some vegetable stock. It tasted so yummy and the children couldn’t wait to show their parents. 

Sponsored Walk


Our children who come to nursery at the beginning of the week have all completed their sponsored walk!   We had a great time, walking around the big field , counting down the laps as we went. 

We were really pleased to see such enthusiasm and great effort everyone put into this. 

Thank you very much to all who sponsored us - the money raised will be put to good use. 

The children who come at the second half of the week also did brilliantly on their sponsored walk. They happily walked around the field five times and chatted happily between themselves. We were all so proud of them for completing it. 

10 Little Fingers and 10 Little Toes

We have been reading the story 10 little fingers and 10 little toes. The children have loved the rhyming patterns in the story and retelling it themselves in their play. 

We have been singing lots of number songs and counting to 10. We hung out socks and gloves and counted how many we had put out to dry. We used fine motor control to peg them onto the string. 

The children have absolutely loved exploring our new outdoor mud kitchen. They have been mixing the mud and sand together, creating cups of tea and sharing the spoons. They have played brilliantly.

Chinese New Year/ Lunar New Year



Chinese New Year 2023 is a Year of the Rabbit.

The New Year starts on Sunday and the celebrations last for  a couple of weeks.   We have learned that  there are  12 animals in the Chinese zodiac.  Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, and Pig.

Our older children were born in the year of the dog and our younger children in the year of the pig.   



What year were you born in?




We watched a video of a Chinese family talking about their celebrations at New Year.  We watched children eating food such as broccoli, rice, noodles and duck using chop sticks.  We had a go at using chip sticks as we played in the home corner.  It’s tricky but we got better and better the more we tried. 

We used some of the animals for the different years in our play.  Lots of conversation and role playing was taking place. 

We have enjoyed  watching some of the parades that take place during the Chinese New Year celebrations and love the dragon and lion dances.  We’ve enjoyed the Chinese music and even used it for a dough disco!

We want to make our own dragon puppet so that we can lift it up and dance , so have made a start by painting some boxes.  

We decorated a dragon face and worked hard to join the boxes together.  

When it was finished we were so pleased with it and had lots of fun parading around the playground. 

The three little pigs

We are enjoying the favourite fairy story- The three little pigs. 
“ He huffs and puffs and huffs and puffs and he blows the straw house down!”.  Said Joseph


“ Thats the pot he falls in. He climbs up,  he comes down the chimney”

Said Elijah. 


There has been some good building going on.  The children have stacked bricks to make walls and block up windows, they even put another floor on the house. 
It was fun, huffing and puffing and blowing our buildings down!

At lunchtime the children played ‘What time is it Mr Wolf’ 

We made some shape pigs.  We talked about the shapes and sizes, looked at shapes with straight sides and curved sides. Then we arranged the shapes to make pig pictures. 

Second half of the week shape pigs 

We made our own straw pig houses to keep to pigs safe. We used chocolate and shredded wheat mixed together. We talked about how we needed the chocolate to be melted to be able to mix them together. We took it in turns to mix the chocolate and the shredded wheat together. Well done Nursery. We really enjoyed tasting them afterwards, they were delicious. 

We made our own straw and stick houses. We used lolly pop sticks and masking tape to stick the sticks together. The children had a really good go at making their houses independently. They then stuck all four sides together and made a house shape. Well done Nursery. 

We have made our own little pig houses using playdough, sticks, stones and straw. We have loved exploring the different textures and being imaginative with our houses. Some of us just used sticks, some just used straw and others used all three materials. Great exploring Nursery. 

We have enjoyed being back together, spending time and having fun together after the Christmas break.
enjoyed the story ‘One snowy night’ and afterwards , talked about hedgehogs, snowy weather and our Christmas presents.



Shape pictures

The children were really interested in the shapes and the picture cards. They listened really well to instructions of how to use them and waited patiently for their turn.  We talked about the different colours, shapes and sizes and the children soon began to collect the shapes they needed to make each picture.  We also had some children being creative, arranging shapes to make their own patterns and pictures.  


We have enjoyed playing with the arctic small world. The children loved making stories up with the different animals. They liked the texture of the sugar and pretended it was snowing. 

We have made repeat patterns throughout the week. The children have worked independently as well as having some adult led time. We picked two different coloured snowflakes, white and blue. The children were able to identify what came next in the sequence. We even tried some three pictures sequences which the children loved the challenge. 

We have enjoyed playing outside and looking for signs of winter after reading the story ‘One Snowy Night.’ We looked for the trees being empty with no leaves. We found loads of them. We also watched a video showing a bud appearing on a branch. The children were amazed at the leaf growing from it. We also checked the temperature and said it was cold and windy. Then we found ice on a puddle and stamped on it to break it. It was so much fun!