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British Values Awards

In our weekly celebration assemblies, Mr Cooper will choose one child to receive the 'British Values Award'. That child gets a British Values card to keep! Can you collect all 5 cards by the time you finish at Westwood? 



- I contribute to the school council.

- I take into account the opinions of others before making a decision.

- I respect the importance of a group decision.


Rules of law

- I put my hand up instead of calling out.

- I ask before taking something.

- I wait for instructions before doing something.

- I walk around school quietly.

- I listen to others.

- I show good manners towards others.



- I make positive contributions in lessons.

- I show kindness to others

- I show an understanding of other children's beliefs, attitudes, faiths and differences.


Individual Liberty

- I make positive choices which contribute to the school and community.

- I complete my homework.

- I represent the school. 


Mutual Respect

- I respect other people's opinions.

- I respect the school environment.

- I allow all children to learn.

- I am kind, helpful and sensitive to others.