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Adventure 5: Pompeii Promotion

Our new adventure this half term is Pompeii Promotion! 

Lord Alan Sugar is looking for a new team of young apprentices to work in Pompeii and help run his new tour company. In order to try impress him, we will be completing a number of tasks over the next few weeks and will be trying to convince Lord Sugar that we should be his next business partner. 

Our adventure song for this half term is 'Pompeii' by Bastille! 

Bastille - Pompeii (Official Music Video)

Before we create our tour company, we must learn about Italy-there's no point in having a tour guide who knows very little about the country! We started off by locating Italy and some of its surrounding countries before looking a little closer at some of the big Italian cities! 

We then looked at the Italian flag, famous landmarks and also famous people from Italy! We played the ‘Name Them’ game to test our class mates knowledge and challenge them to name as many Italian foods, landmarks and famous people we looked at! 

We then began to look at trade links and how these are important for countries. We looked at a number of goods that are imported around the world and had a go guessing where they were from. 

After learning more about Italy, we started to look at geographical features of the country. We learnt that earthquakes and volcanoes can be common in some areas. We first started looking at information about earthquakes to help us create a non-chronological report about them. Our next task was to create posters in groups to present to the rest of the class. 

Now we are professionals when it comes to earthquakes! We wanted to show our knowledge by writing a non-chronological report about them.

After looking at earthquakes, we moved onto looking at the formation of volcanos and how they are formed. We learnt about the 3 types of volcano and even got to see some pictures of the inside of a real volcano! We also learnt some interesting facts about Mount Vesuvius which will help our tour company in the future. 

We wanted to know what a volcanic eruption would look like in real life so decided to create something to replicate one!

Whilst looking at volcanoes, we learnt about a very famous volcanic eruption in Pompeii thousands of years ago which completely buried the city killing everyone who lived there. We put ourselves into the shoes of a reporter and created a newspaper article describing the events. 

Rowan class, your next task is to complete some market research to find out what sort of pasta is the most favourable in order to help you with the next part of your adventure. You must create a questionnaire to collect your results!

We first had the opportunity to try some popular Italian food to see the sorts of flavours and textures that people might enjoy. 

We then created a questionnaire to find out the most popular types of pasta, sauces and toppings to help us create a pasta dish in our teams that everyone would love. We went around the school and got different teachers opinions. 

After gathering and comparing our results, we got to work on creating an outstanding homemade pasta dish that would please all!

We of course had to try some ourselves…

We then had to design our product. We came up with a name for our product, designed our own packaging and created a unique logo.