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Star of the Week

Autumn 1 - 


Week 1 : Mason. Mason has been a superstar this week, helping the year 1's learn the rules of the classroom and                        ensuring everyone is settled and having fun. 


Week 2 : Illina. Illina always tries hard in class and has been a superstar! 


Week 3: Harley. Harley has tried really hard with his work and has begun to sit in his carpet space beautifully.


Week 4 : Oscar. Oscar is amazing in class, he always puts his hand up, engages with the other children and is so                          helpful.


Week 5: Olly. Olly has been adjusting to change really well and always tries his hardest.


Week 6 : Tyler. Tyler is a fantastic member of the class and has tried his hardest all week, even when he has not been feeling well. 


Week 7: Georgia. Georgia has a fantastic attitude towards work and always has a smile on her face. She is a superstar!

Autumn 2 - 


Week 1 - Olivier. Olivier was awarded star of the week for having a positive attitude to all of his work and for trying hard with his formation.


Week 2 - Esperence. Esperence is amazing all of the time, she has wonderful manners, listens well and produces amazing work.


Week 3 - Ellie. Ellie is lovely to have in class. She is so kind to her friends, always helps me and has been working really hard on her pre cursive writing. 


Week 4 - Ebonie. Ebonie has been trying really hard with her work at the moment and it is really paying off. It is great to see her trying so hard.


Week 5: Kayden. Kayden has been so kind and thoughtful this week. When he was given the chocolate out of the advent, he shared it with all of his friends. 


Week 6 - Dylan. I was so proud of how loud Dylan was singing in the nativity. Good job Dylan!


Week 7 - Cassandra. Cassandra has been amazing this week and has tried so hard with perfecting her handwriting.

Spring 1 - 


Week 1: Alfie was awarded star of the week for coming back to school with such a fantastic attitude. He sits on the carpet beautifully, has tried really hard with his writing and has been an overall superstar!


Week 2: Logan has blown me away this week with all of his work. He can now write sentences given to him, he sounds out well and there has been such a change in his work ethic. He has helped me out lots and is always the first child quiet on the carpet. Keep it up Logan!


Week 3: BooBoo could get star if the week every week. She is a superstar! She always listens, tries hard with all of her work, puts her hand up and has such a wonderful positive attitude every day.


Week 4: Archie was awarded star of the week for trying to hard with his handwriting this week. He has been working hard to make it smaller and I have been so impressed. 


Week 5: Adamas has blown me away this week with how much effort he has put in to his writing. He has written half a page and used finger spaces throughout. Well done!


Week 6: Raigen has been trying so hard with her letter formation and has really impressed me with her knowledge of 3D shapes. She always has a lovely attitude to learning too. 


Week 7: Kai has been a superstar all week. He has been trying really hard with his work and always brings a smile to my face!

Spring 2.


Week 1: Ilina! Ilina has been amazing this half term, she gets on with her work, listens to her friends and always helps me out with any work! Well done!


Week 2: Alfie. Alfie has wowed me this week with his work. He got all of his spellings correct and after learning how to count in 2's, he then wrote this down in his own provision time on a whiteboard. I'm really proud of him.


Week 3: Georgia! Georgia is progressing in leaps and bounds at the moment. She can now write all the sounds she can hear in words and is so neat with her writing, Well done Georgia. 


Week 4: Logan for his attitude towards learning and his lovely manners. 

Summer 2.


Week 1 - Ellie was awarded star of the week for being such an amazing writer! She tried really hard with her work and is always such a kind friend. 


Week 2 - Raigen was awarded star of the week for impressing me so much with her attitude to learning this week. She has been working so hard and there has been a big change in her!


Week 4 - BooBoo was awarded star of the week for being such a fantastic helper all the time. She always tries her hardest and has a smile on her face. She is a wonderful member of the class!


Week 5 - Mason was awarded star of the week this week for his positive attitude. He tries so hard with all of the work he does and is already acting like a year 3!


Week 6 - Olivier is always a superstar. He tries really hard with every lesson he does and always gives 100%. He is a model student to have in class!