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Game Creator


2DIY 3D is a 3D game maker tool. It allows the children to create a themed maze with 'treasure' and 'baddies' that affect the player's success. The maze is played in a 3D view.

The children can add instructions for their game and can choose various customization options. 2DIY 3D games are really adaptable to whatever topics the children are studying and they can share their finished mazes with their classmates.

Initially the children played a few sample games on Purple Mash and, as a class, analysed and assessed each game to determine what makes a game successful. They were then able to use what they had learnt to create their own games.



Next they used their plan to create a unique maze, adding images, sounds, animations and selecting the appropriate options to maximise playability.




Finally the children reviewed sample Game Boxes and investigated how merchandise can be designed to appeal to specific audiences. They used the knowledge they had acquired to design a cover for their own Game Box.