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SPRING 2 'LEGO' Solve a Mystery

A serious crime has been committed on the school field! During the February half term, an intruder stole the golden brick which was holding up a LEGO building. The remains of the building were scattered on the field. Covering the field, were various pieces of evidence. Armed with their evidence sheets, Elder Class began their search to find out what the culprit left behind.

With our evidence sheets, we went up onto the school field where we found many mysterious clues.



The children found many interesting clues scattered on the field

They wrote their findings onto their crime report sheets

shocked and horrified by the crime, Elder Class thought it their duty to inform the local residents. They wrote wonderful newspaper reports explaining the unfortunate events which had occured.

After looking at all of the evidence in great detail we were able to narrow down our suspects to A disgruntled football fan, The Joker, Ole Kirk Christiansen and Gregg from the book 'The Flower'. We looked into our first suspect - the footballer. Leeds unitedhad played at home that weekend to Bolton and won so perhaps a Bolton fad had kicked down the building in anger? We looked at the history of football and the different types of kits they wore.

We even designed our own football kits!

It was not a football fan so we needed to keep looking. Our next suspect was The Joker. To understand him further we designed our own superhero!

We wrote adjectives to describe them!

We also designed capes for our superheroes!

To add to our superhero, we looked at comic book art. In particular the art of Roy Lichtenstein. He was a pop artist. We used a template first to mimic his work.

Inspired, the children then created their own!

Elder Class soon found out that Batman prevented The Joker from taking the golden brick. We thenmoved onto our next suspect. Gregg from The Flower. We suspected that he took the golden brick to grow more flowers. Is that how a pant grows though? We needed to find out. We looked into what a plant needed in order to grow well.We looked into the what conditions a plant needed to grow well. We grew plants in different conditions. We observed them over 5 days and drew their progress.

We then looked into the life cycle of plants.

We learnt a great deal. Elder Class were able to write a non chronological report on the life cycle of plants.

Elder Class enjoyed learning about plants. we imagineered being a seed and growing into a pant.

We then wrote diaries of our experiences!

We quickly discovered that the culprit could not be Gregg as a plant requires more than a golden brick to grow well. We then turned our attention to Ole Kirk christiansden, the inventor of LEGO. We looked into the history of LEGO.

We discovered that he was the thief - he admitted his crime in letter addressed to Elder Class. In order to discover why he stole the golden brick, we had to complete his challenge - to design and create a new LEGO toy.

The children enjoyed creating their designs

The finished models were fantastic!