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Wednesday 3rd February

Wednesday 3rd February 2021


Guided Reading - Live on Teams at 10.30am

We're going to read another version of Robin Hood and Little John today. In the live lesson, I'll read this to you and then you need to answer the questions attached. Then, I'd like you to use your predicting skills and predict what you think will happen next in this part of the story. 


Remember if you see any words or phrases you like, add them to your word bank so you can borrow them for your story!


Challenge: there is a lot of speech in this story. This is something I would like you to include in your story at some point. Can you remember the rules of speech and write them down?

R.E - anytime

After learning about the different weddings and traditions in different religions yesterday, today I'd like you to choose one religion to focus on. I have started off your research below so download the document for the religion you choose which will give you some information to start on. Then, I'd like you to do some more research about weddings in that religion. I want to know:


- What the bride and groom wear.

- Where they get married.

- How long is the ceremony?

- What happens in the ceremony?

- What happens after the ceremony?

- Any other interesting facts you can find. 

Handwriting - anytime

Follow the link below for Wednesday's handwriting video and spelling/handwriting activity.

RSHE - anytime

This mental health awareness week, I'd like you to spend a bit of time this afternoon thinking about your happy place. Where is that? Why is it your happy place? If you remember back to Autumn 1 when we had Mental Health Awareness Day, you spent a bit of time thinking about this and creating it with Mr Hayes. If you look through the document attached, there are some questions for you to have a think about. You could draw your happy place and then answer the questions. Send me what you do, I'd love to see them!

Writing - Live on Teams at 1pm

Following on from our exciting afternoon yesterday where we watched 'The Wishgranter', you should now know this film inside out, back to front, upside down, forwards and backwards! Today, we're going to write the opening to our story and think about how we can hook the reader into our story. Below are some ideas which we discussed in the live lesson. Today, we need to write the opening line, a description of the town and a description of each of the characters. It is up to you what you call the man and woman because they don't have names in the film. 


We need:

- An interesting and exciting opening which hooks the reader in

- Detailed description of the town where the story is set

- Detailed description of the Wishgranter's office

- Detailed description of the Wishgranter

- Detailed description of the man and woman


Use the documents below to help you - there are loads of adjectives and phrases you could use to describe the setting and characters! I'm looking forward to reading your opening. 

Maths - Live on Teams at 9.15am

We're continuing to look at column subtraction today where we need to do some exchanges. We'll go through some more examples in the live lesson and then you guys need to have a go at the workbook pages below.


Times Table Challenge - record yourself saying the multiples of 5 up to 5x12 (60) as fast as you can - can you beat Mr Cooper's time of 4 seconds? Send me your videos! 

Times table challenge

Still image for this video


Still image for this video