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Children's more formal learning of time begins in Year One. As well as being able to use the language of next, before and after, they start learning how to read the time by telling time to the hour and half hour. They also learn how to use a calendar.

In Year Two, children build on their knowledge of telling the time and start to read it to 5 minutes and use "quarter to". They learn how to sequence events, find start and end times and show time by drawing hands on a clock. 

Children in Year Three develop their time reading skills by learning how to tell the time to the minute. They understand the terms am and pm and can tell the time using both digital and analogue clocks (including reading Roman Numerals on them). Children also measure and convert time in seconds, minutes and hours. 

In Year Four, children consolidate the time knowledge they learnt in Year Three by continuing to convert between different units of time. They also learn how to tell the time on a 24-hour clock, work out time durations and convert between years, months, weeks and days.

They then spend time in Year Five building on previous years' knowledge by converting between different units.