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This week we will be looking at subtracting money. For today's work you will need to follow the exact same steps however you will be subtracting instead.


Workbook sheets: 


Sheet 1: 1. Take away the pence. 2. Take away the pounds. 3. What you're left with is your answer.

Sheet 2: Fill in the missing gaps using the prices at the top. 


Steps :


1. Take away the pence.

2. Take away the pounds.

3. Add the two amounts together (The pence and the pounds.)


Underneath there are pictures that show each step.

The question.

Step 1- take away the pence.

Step 2- Take away the pounds.

Step 3- Add the two amounts together to find your answer.


This week we're practising the 6x table! Watch the video and sing along! 

6 Times Table Song (Learning is Fun The Todd & Ziggy Way!)

Subscribe and watch new videos.★ YouTube Channel you need to learn the six times table Todd...


This week we're reading the opening chapter of 'Vulgar the Viking and the battle of Burp'.


In today's Guided Reading lesson we're going to do a preview of the chapter. You're going to use clues to make predictions on what the story/chapter is going to be about.


To make predictions you will use:

The front cover.

The blurb.

The name of the chapter.


This week you're writing a discussion on whether it is best to live in North America or the U.K.


In today's live lesson we're going to look at the different features of discussion writing-



-An introduction.

-Points for each side of the discussion.

-A conclusion.

-Technical language.

-A range of conjunctions. 


Today's task:

Make a list of positive points for living in the U.K (Pictures to help underneath.)

Make a list of points for living in North America (Pictures to help underneath.)

Write the introduction for your discussion (A short paragraph stating what your discussion will be about and how you will give reasons for both sides.)


Underneath there is an example of an introduction for a different discussion.


Yellow= introduction.

Green= Points for wearing school uniform.

Blue= Points against wearing school uniform.

Purple= Conclusion.



To start our work in Geography this week you are going to find out the difference between 'Physical Geography' and Human Geography' Underneath there is a definition of both!


Your task today is to:


-Look at the different cards for the U.K and decide which ones are 'Human Geography' and which ones are 'Physical Geography' 

-Look at the cards for North America and complete the same activity

-Fill in the worksheet.



Example arguments for both sides.

North America

The U.K.