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Identity, Society and Equality

Children in year 1 have been learning about belonging and different communities that they belong to.

Here is a link to videos of the children playing these games:

Year 4 Democracy

The lower key stage two children were able to take part in a Zoom meeting with Hilary Benn, the local MP. He talked to the children about democracy and how MP's support residents in Leeds. The children were able to ask their own questions as well. It was very enlightening and the children learnt a lot about British Democracy. Hilary Benn even wrote a piece in the local newspaper about this experience. In the article Hilary Benn MP said, "I greatly enjoyed my Zoom question and answer session with the Year 4 pupils of Westwood Primary School in Middleton the other day. They had obviously thought very hard about what they wanted to ask about my job and why I wanted to do it. We even managed to do a quick bit of mental maths in trying to work out how long it had been since women in the UK first got the vote. I’ve always believed that every single pupil should have the chance to visit the House of Commons at least once so they can find out what goes on in their – our – Parliament, but for the time being, in this Covid age, a Zoom visit will have to do. I’m very grateful to the school for making it possible."


A link to the article is below.

Black History Month

The children learnt about Black History Month and celebrated the outstanding work and achievements of some significant people from the black community. Here is a display of some of this amazing work.

Year 6 Human Rights

The children in year 6 have been learning about human rights and the rights of children. They have also been learning about refugees and people that are forced to moved due to events in their home country.