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Week 9 Activities

I can't believe we are going in to Week 9 of keeping safe and staying inside! I miss all of you lots and I am hoping I can see all of your smiling faces soon. 


Day 1 - 

I am sure that some of you have had to celebrate your birthday inside, I hope you still have had a magical day though! What i thought you could do today is create a birthday party / tea party for your toys. You'll need to write the invitations out, decide which toys are going to come and make your room look fit for a party. You can even create your own party games to play with them!


Day 2 - Science

I wonder what would happen if you were to fill a bowl with water, put one of your hard toys in (like an action hero or lego bricks) and pop it in the freezer over night. Parents, ask your child lots of questions such as "What do you think will happen." "Why do you think it will do that." The next day when it is frozen, have your child think of different ways they could get the toy out. Should it go outside? Or maybe near a window, or the radiator? 

Day 3 - Art 

I have seen lots of people doing this and think it looks amazing! When you are going on your daily walk, or you can look in your garden, try and find some smooth rocks / pebbles. Then, bring them back inside and paint them however you want. Look at the pictures below for some inspiration. 

Day 4 - Maths 

Before we broke up, we were looking at measuring things using our feet and hands. Go on a hunt around your house and find different things to measure. See how long it is in feet first and then try measuring with your hands. Is it longer in hands or feet? Why do you think that is? Record your answers!

Day 5 - Phonics

I hope you have all been missing our phonics lessons! Can you follow this phonics lesson below? Then, I want you to have a go at completing the worksheet too.