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Up Up and Away

Our first adventure begins in 1903, a mysterious and strange package has been delivered to Cherry Class. Inside is a kite! This has sparked our imaginations, could we make our own flying machine? How were the first aeroplanes created?

Follow us on our journey...

Today we flew a kite that was gifted to our class by an anonymous sender. We watched as the wind threw the kite in the air and loved running fast so the kite could fly higher.

In Art this week, we created our own Pop Art inspired kites. The children used cotton buds to create the classic dotted style of American pop artist Roy Lichtenstein. 
In writing, we have been describing the settings in 'The Magic Train Ride'. Today, we came up with our own alternative endings; from space to Africa and Unicorn Land. Once we had shared all our ideas, we had a class vote for the best idea to use in our writing, the winner of the vote was 'Pancake Land'.

In writing this week, we created our own race track using obstacles like cones and hoops. We jumped, hopped, ran and walked in and out the obstacles in different ways; fast, slow, high, low. 

We used our outdoor fun as a stimulus for our writing. We wrote recount of the occasion and created an advert to persuade people to visit our racetrack and have as much fun as we did!

This week we have been writing all about Mabel's race track. We recreated it in our classroom and pretended we were zooming left and right, flying fast and slow, until suddenly we crashed! This was the basis for our diary entry writing.

Cherry class has been learning to cross the road safely. We then wrote a report on how to stay safe; stopping, looking left and right, listening for cars and wearing bright colours.
Yesterday we handed in our tickets and went aboard Parker the Plane! Once in our seats, we watched the Lego safety video and followed all the steps to make sure we were safe on our flight; putting on our seatbelts, storing away our luggage, locating the oxygen masks and looking for the exits. The children produced some brilliant work, I was so impressed!
In Art we have been creating our very own sweet treats for our Sweetie Land display. The children loved getting busy with glitter, chalk and paint!
Today we climbed aboard Bruce the Bus who took us to the airport. We travelled around our classroom past lots of different places (a park, a shop, a church and over a hill!) We then wrote a set of directions.
In Design and Technology, we created our very own junk model boats! We discussed the different materials and their properties as this helped us decide what was best for our boat. 
In History, we researched 'Amelia Earhart', the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic. We then did a hot-seat where different children answered questions in role as Amelia.
We have been busy in Science this week! In the morning, we explored materials and how they would speed up or slow down a car when on a ramp. In the afternoon, we went outside to observe how Autumn changes our surroundings, we used magnifying glasses to look closer at different types of leaves.