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Friday 26th February

Friday 26th February 2021


Guided Reading - live on Teams at 10.30am

We're going to finish our work on the first 2 chapters today by thinking again about our visualisation skills. At the end of this part of the book, Grandpa Joe tells Charlie about some of the wonderful sweets Willy Wonka makes. I'd like you to draw what you think these products of Wonka's look like! Then, can you design 2 more sweets you think Willy Wonka might make - this will help you with our work in DT next week!

Science - anytime

Let's see what you can remember from yesterday - follow the link below to access a quiz which we'd like you to take about the work you completed yesterday. Once you have done that, have a look at the Oak National Academy lesson below to make sure you're totally clear!


Challenge: go in your garden or when you go on a walk and find a plant. Can you label the plant? Don't destroy it - just place labels around it and we probably won't be able to see the roots. Take a picture of you with your labelled plant (you could write the features on slips of paper and just put them next to the plant).  

Mental Health

We only have 1 more week left of learning from home now before we return to school. Some of you may be feeling a bit anxious about going back to school. Each day between now and returning to school, I'm going to add a mental health activity. Today, I want you to think about returning to school - how do you feel? What are you excited about? What are you worried about? Have a look at the activity below, discuss it with an adult at home and send me pictures of your ideas!

Writing - live on Teams at 1pm

Today, we're going to continue with our homophone work during spelling. In the live lesson, get your pen and paper ready - we're going to have a Friday afternoon quiz (there will be a prize in store when we get back to school). Then, have a go at the 2 activities attached below. 

Maths - live on Teams at 9.15am

We're going to look at dividing by 5 today. Yesterday we looked at what dividing is and what it does to a number (makes it smaller remember) and today we're going to look specifically at dividing by 5. Follow the video below which goes through what we did on the live lesson and then have a go at the workbook and the daily times table test. You could also add in some divides on today's test if you're feeling brave - just click the divide symbol when you set the test up!