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British Values Awards

Autumn 1


Week 1 (Friday 10th September) - Millie B for Tolerance - Millie has had a great first week in Year 5 and has worked fantastically in a group. Well done Millie!


Week 2 (Friday 17th September) - Austen for Individual Liberty - For showing real resilience and determination when doing difficult weaving in DT this week. Well done Austen!


Week 3 (Friday 24th September) - Izak for Individual Liberty - Izak has been practicing his times table lots this week on Times Table Rockstars at home. Well done Izak!


Week 4 (Friday 1st October) - Charlie for Mutual Respect - Charlie is just such a polite and kind member of the class who always uses wonderful manners and is very mature and respectful. Well done Charlie!


Week 5 (Friday 8th October) - Ronnie for Rule of Law - Ronnie is always ready to learn and doing the right thing. He tries his absolute best in everything and has been fantastic this week! Well done Ronnie!


Week 6 (Friday 15th October) - Erin for Rule of Law - For being a fantastic role model, always doing the right thing first time and following all of the rules. Well done Erin!


Week 7 (Friday 22nd October) - Momodou for Individual Liberty - For going home and doing so much extra practice of everything we’ve done in school - SPAG, spellings, maths, times tables! Well done Momodou!

Autumn 2

Week 1 (Thursday 4th November) - Erin for Individual Liberty - Erin was given quite a big part in our production earlier this week and in the space of 2 days she has gone home, highlighted all of her lines and learnt most of them already! Well done Erin!


Week 2 (Friday 12th November) - Summer for Tolerance - Summer prefers to work alone but this week she's been fantastic and tolerant and has worked wonderfully as part of a group in Guided Reading. Well done Summer!


Week 3 (Friday 19th November) - Imogen for Tolerance - Imogen has really tolerated mine and Mrs Wilson's pestering these last few weeks about her spelling and handwriting and it's really worked! Well done Imogen!


Week 4 (Friday 26th November) - Mia for Democracy - we’ve been working lots in groups this week and Mia has been a fantastic group member, taking every bodies ideas into account and being a fantastic team player. Well done Mia!


Week 5 (Friday 3rd December) - Myles for Individual Liberty - Myles has been going out of school on a Friday with Mr McKitrick and all I’ve got back is lovely, positive comments about Myles for how well he represents Westwood outside of school. Well done Myles!


Week 6 (Friday 10th December) - Riley S for Democracy - Riley worked really well as part of a group this week when we got the laptops out and made fantastic posters about the history of the Olympics. Well done Riley!

Week 7 (Friday 17th December) - Peter for Tolerance - Peter showed real determination and patience earlier this week when creating quite intricate and difficult Christmas Cards. Well done Peter!


Spring 1

Week 1 () - No British Value due to Robinwood


Week 2 (Friday 14th January) - Charlie for Individual Liberty - last week at Robinwood, Charlie was excellent! He pushed himself out of his comfort zone, showed lots of resilience and gave every activity a go even though he was a bit nervous. Well done Charlie! 


Week 3 (Friday 21st January) - Mason for Individual Liberty - Mason only got 14 on his 7 times table test last week but this week he got 30! He's definitely been practicing at home and its showing. Well done Mason!


Week 4 () - 


Week 5 () - 


Week 6 () - 

Week 7 () -