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Thursday 4th March - World Book Day

It is World Book Day today! That means we are going to have a day of completing activities that relate to a story. I had to pick the best story ever - The Gruffalo! If you have any costumes from a story, please dress up in them! I can't wait to see what characters you all become. 


Have a listen to the video below to see what we will be getting up to today. 

The Gruffalo - Read by Alan Mandel

For my nephew Yari on his 2nd birthday.The Gruffalo is a modern classic written by the incomparable Julia Donaldson and beautifully illustrated by Axel Schef...

Activity 1 - 10.30am 


Lets have a listen to the story before we begin any activities! If you did not hear the story in the live, watch the video above - however, I am sure you are all very familiar with the book! 


The Gruffalo is looking for a new friend, everyone seems to be so scared of him and he is getting to be quite lonely. Can you design a new friend for the Gruffalo? He can look however you wish, he could be scary or friendly. He may look just like the Gruffalo, with purple prickles and a green wart on his nose! Or, you may chose to have the friend the same shape as the Gruffalo, but with different colours. 


Once your design is complete, I would like you to label the new friend using adjectives around the outside. Don't forget to give your new friend a name! 

Activity 2 - 11.30am 


The Gruffalo loves eating! He likes to eat scrambled snake, owl ice cream and roasted fox. That doesn't sound very yummy to me, I think we should have a go at making some new food for the Gruffalo....or you could make the food he loves, it's up to you! 


I would like you to have a go at creating lunch for the Gruffalo (and yourself!). You may want to make scrambled snake (scrambled egg) or owl ice cream (a big dollop of vanilla ice cream) or roasted fox (roasted potatoes). It is up to you! 


I would like you to make your new meal and then take a picture and send it over to me on my email. Have a look at the pictures below for some ideas on what you can make. I can't wait to see what you think of!

Activity 3 - 1pm followed by assembly for the day 


In this lesson we are going to be looking at friendships and what makes a kind friend. Do you think the Gruffalo was being kind when he said he wanted to eat all of the other animals? Was it nice when the mouse tricked the Gruffalo and the other animals? 


I would like you to have a think about what the animals could have done in order for them to be a good friend, instead of having them act the way they did. 


We will also be having a little assembly at the end of this lesson. During this assembly we will look at peoples costumes and their work for the day. There will be some awards given out and we will also have a little book quiz! 

Extra Activities - 


The link below will take you to the Gruffalo website, here you can enter your name and start playing fun Gruffalo games and complete colouring in sheets.