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Friday 15th January


We are looking at 2D shapes and thinking about how we can sort them. We could sort them by:


number of sides

number of vertices



Have a go at the questions below and see if you can work out how the shapes have been sorted.


*If you are working in the workbooks its page 51. Please ignore symmetry questions as we will work in this in school. Answer:

1 a





Read through the story 'The Pirates Next Door' one last time.


Answer the following questions. Remember to explain your answer.


1. Did you like the story? Explain your answer.

2. Would you want to live in Dull-On-Sea? Explain your answer.

3. Who was your favourite character in the story? Explain your answer.

4. What would you change about the story? Explain your answer.

5. Would you like to live next door to the Jolly-Rodgers? Explain your answer.

6. Would you join Jim- Lad on his ship in the summer holidays? Explain your answer. 


The Natives have sent us some instructions on how to stop the Whomping Willow trees attacking us. The only problem is they haven't told us how to do each instruction and we don't want to get hurt. Can you have a go at adding in the missing adverbs to each instruction to make it clear?


Christopher Columbus was given parrots by the Natives when he was travelling. See if you can create your own parrot. You could use coloured paper (or plain and colour it in), empty packets and boxes or whatever you can find lying around at home (ask someone first!).


Cut and stick or build your own parrot like the ones below. See if you can make yours so that the wings can move!