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Autumn 1 Everybody and Me

On Monday morning we found some clues in our classroom and shared area. There were footprints, slime and goo. Who could it be?

Who is it?

What could it be?


We wondered that it was that could have left these slimy footprints.

Here are some of our ideas:


Lyra: A frog


Neve: An alien 


Cooper: A slime ghost


Have a look at some of our drawings. This is what we think it might have been.

Who we thought it was...

As the day progressed the children thought more and more about our visitor. They decided it must've been an alien! They wanted to go and see if they could find the alien around school. So we went on a hunt...


The children found more clues to suggest an alien had visited our school! Other classes also commented on how sensible the children walked around school.

Searching for an alien...

We then received an envelope covered in slime. The children thought at first that maybe an alien was inside! Luckily for us, it was just a note! This note was from Moz the alien. He wanted to know more about us, he wanted to know what we looked like. The children decided to paint him a picture of themselves. We learnt this was called a 'self-portrait.'

Our self-portraits

Then we received another slime covered letter!

This was another letter from Moz. He thanked us for our self-portraits and asked us if we could tell him more about our bodies.

we explored parts of the body through a scavenger hunt and then labelled Archies body.

We then enjoyed the story, funny bones and enjoyed making skeletons.

There were footprints in our classroom again!


AND a half eaten cupcake...


Poor Moz was eating too many cakes and getting a poorly tummy.

We decided to write him a shopping list to help him find a variety of foods.


We spoke about healthy eating and eating a range of different foods. 

Our shopping lists for Moz

The next day a shopping bag appeared on our carpet containing some of the foods that we had drawn on the shopping list.

We received an email from Moz enquiring about all these building he had seen. He had made a new friend which we believe to be a witch who had started to tell him about her house and garden. This looked different to his home back on his planet and he wanted to see ours!


We drew some pictures of our houses, attempting to add labels and talk about the different aspects to help inform him.

Our houses