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For today's Maths lesson, we're going to practice our times tables! During the live lesson we will be playing lots of different games and using our times table skills to answer lots of questions.


If you're unable to log in on the live lesson, don't worry because all of the games and challenges are attached below. 



In Guided Reading we've been looking at the book Kid Normal and I've been so impressed with how everyone has engaged with the story used different skills to discuss the book and complete different activities! 


In today's live lesson, we will be reading more of the story and perhaps finding out what Nektar's next move is...

Today's task: 

I want you to pretend you're Nektar and you have just thought of an extremely devious and cunning plan. Can you design your own invention to take over the world? I want you to make it creative, exciting and even a little bit evil. 



In today's writing lesson, we're going to read more from the story and finally learn about Farley Towers! 


Today's task: 

You're going to draw a picture of your favourite yeti and around the outside I want you to label it with lots of exciting adjectives to describe them!


Think about:

Their personality

Their appearance

What they own/wear


Below, is a list of adjectives to help you. Choose the ones that match your yeti the most!


The yetis: 

Lucy (Who loves food!).

Amrbose (Who looks quite scary but isn't).

Clarence (Not the smartest yeti around).

How to Draw a Yeti (Abominable Snowman)

Visit where every step is broken down to an individual image for an even easier tutorial and don't forget to PAUSE the video a...