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Summer 1: Egyptian Explorers!

Egyptian Explorers!

Welcome to our new adventure, ‘Egyptian Explorers’. When we returned to school after the Easter holidays, we saw a news bulletin telling us that the British Museum in London had been broken into and all of the Ancient Egyptian artefacts had been stolen! We decided that we needed to help them, so decided to travel back in time to Ancient Egypt to see if we could collect some artefacts to bring back and replace in the museum!


I wonder what we will learn on the way?

Walk Like an Egyptian

Can you learn our new song for this half term? Have a go at copying the dance moves too!

We arrived back at school and saw this! We knew immediately that we needed to help!

We decided to time travel back to Ancient Egypt to see if we could gather some new artifacts to bring back to the present time to replace the ones that had been stolen in the museum.

After travelling back to Ancient Egypt, we landed in a scary looking tomb. Suddenly something started to chase us and the only way out was to avoid all of the obstacles in our path!

As we travelled back in time to Ancient Egypt, we passed through lots of different points in history. We mapped all of these on a timeline to show just how far back in history we had travelled!

After arriving in Ancient Egypt, we decided to look at some maps to label important places we may need to visit during our trip.

After looking around the tomb, we saw lots of funny writing. We learnt that this was called hieroglyphics. We practiced writing our names in it.

We wrote a diary of our first day. We wrote about our journey back in time and what we were greeted with when we arrived in Ancient Egypt.

After finding lots of mummies in the tomb, we decided to look at Mummification. We mummified an apple to see what would happen to it!

We even made each other into Mummies!

We then created a storyboard to show the process of mummification before writing our own set of instructions.

After exploring further in the tomb, we saw Canopic jars with different God's on the top of them. We learnt about different Egyptian God's and tried to persuade the rest of the class why our chosen God was better than any of the others!

We then created fantastic pictures of the different Canopic jars, using pastels to create patterns and write hieroglyphics.

We then chose one of the Egyptian God's and wrote a character description using a range of expanded noun phrases.

We looked at how the Ancient Egyptian's believed in the afterlife. We thought about the things we would like to take to the afterlife1

We then tried some different Ancient Egyptian food and scored it out of 10!

We then wrote our own poems all about Ancient Egypt.

We looked into the hieroglyphics we had seen around the tomb. We looked at what Ancient Egyptian numbers looked like and even completed some Maths problems!

After leaving the pyramid, we noticed lots of people busy working. We investigated what daily life would have been like.

When investigating daily life, we saw lots of people making clay pots. We decided to have a go at making our very own!

We then wrote an advert to advertise and persuade people to buy our clay pots.

Whilst exploring Ancient Egypt further, we saw thousands of men hard at work, building the pyramids. We created a storyboard to show the process of their building.

We decided to further our research, finding out lots of different facts about how they were built.

We then used all of the information gathered to create a non-chronological report all about the Pyramids.

Within our science topic, we began looking at friction. We thought about how friction affects how easily objects move. We thought about how friction would have made it difficult for the people building the pyramids.

We then decided to test different materials to see how much friction they had. We tested placing a wooden block on top of the different materials and measured the height of the ramp at the time the block started to slide down.

The children then investigated magnets, investigating whether they would attract or repel/

After further exploring Ancient Egypt, we noticed people along the River Nile. We decided to investigate how important the river was.

We then imagined that we were sailing along the River Nile and wrote a description of all that we could see as we travelled by.

We then used junk modelling to create our own 3D maps of the River Nile.

We then wrote an advert to persuade people to come and visit Ancient Egypt and to come on one of our VIP River Nile cruises!

It was then time for the grand opening of our Westwood Egyptian Museum! Thank you to everyone who came!