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Autumn 1

Weeks 1 and 2

Some children have returned to nursery after the summer break and have made a fabulous start to the year.

We have welcomed many new children to our nursery over the last couple of weeks.  They are having fun playing and getting to know each other.

Roald Dahl Day - we love a dressing up day!

Week 3
We used positional vocabulary such as above, under, between, next to to talk about where Elmer was.

Where is Elmer?

Colour hunting and sorting

We looked at the colours that made up Elmer's patchwork body and went hunting for things around our nursery which were coloured, red, blue, yellow, green, orange and purple.  Look what we found.

We made our own Elmer models

Week 4
We enjoyed the story 'Elmer and Grandpa Eldo'  when we were outside we pretended to be the characters in the story and went on a journey, just like them!  We hid behind rocks,  crossed the stream on wobbly stepping stones and fell into the water 'SPLASH!'  We also had a go to make a story map.

Icing biscuits for our Macmillan fundraising afternoon tea.

As we had been enjoying listening to Elmer stories this week, we thought is might be nice to ice biscuits in different bright colours and arrange them on a large Elmer template to create our own patchwork elephant.

We mixed the icing, spread onto biscuits and even washed up and cleaned tables when the work was done.

2d shapes

We investigated some 2d shapes such as squares, circles, rectangles and triangles.  We found out that circles are round and can roll.  We found circles around the classroom, our clock is a circle shape.   When looking for squares we looked up and noticed square tiles on the ceiling. Shapes are everywhere!


Week 5

All different sizes


After reading the story 'The smartest giant in town' we had a challenge to sort out the different sized clothes and dress the people.   Children used language such as 'big one',  'too small',   'This one needs bigger top'  when finding the clothes to fit.

We drew around our bodies and talked about the sizes.

Paper plate portraits

We looked in a mirror and talked about our own faces.  "two eyes,  blue"     "In my mouth,  I got teeth, look and a tongue, it sticks out"    "nose and hair, brown hair"  We then used paper plates and other resources to make a self portrait.

Week 6
Positional language game
We went hunting for parts of a face, we listened to the instructions which told us where to look.  We are learning to use positional words,  "Look for the nose under the trees,"    "What can you find behind the sandpit?,"   "The hair is next to the fence."

Listening Game

We used our listening ears and went to find different objects around our classroom.  "Please find me a pencil and a musical instrument,"  "Can you bring me something I can draw a picture with?",   "Please bring me something I can sweep the floor with".  

Careful counting

After learning about our senses, we counted out  a number of buttons, pebbles, matchsticks, shells and gems to create a face.

Feely box

We used our sense of touch to  say what we thought was in the box  and how they feel.

"It's prickly,"    "It's soft and squidgy,"     "It's fluffy"   

Some children liked the feel of  tickly bristles on the paintbrush.  Others like the soft and squidgy sponge.

Week 7

Making 'Autumn Soup' for the animals

In nursery this week, we did a great job making some autumn soup to feed the woodland animals.   We looked at a recipe and counted out conkers, acorns, leaves, raisins added a pinch of grass.  After pouring in some water it was ready for a big stir.   When it was done we put it outside for the animals to enjoy...and they did!  When we came back to school the next day it had all gone.


We looked at pictures of hedgehogs and talked about their prickly spines.  Using scissors we snipped and cut  to make spines for our own hedgehogs.

Colour matching leaf game

A good game and some great turn taking!
Week 8
After reading the story 'Meg and Mog'  we made our own potions.  We counted out bugs, worms, witches fingernails, bats, rats tails  and other things to  add to the cauldron.   To finish, we added 5 scoops of witches blood and gave it a stir.  As it bubbled we said the magic spell word ABRACADABRA!
We cut up pumpkins to make pumpkin soup.

Pumpkin exploration

It's great fun but also a bit slimey, slippery, soggy and squidgy. 

There are lots of seeds and stringy bits inside.