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Adventure 3 - Space Rescue

This term we have the challenge of catching the naughty aliens before they destroy space!


Today, Miss Dicks showed us a video she'd taken of an alien in our school hall! It had left behind lots of things from space, including a note. The note said that the aliens had caused chaos on Earth and were now off to make mischief on other planets.



video_shared (3).mp4

Still image for this video


In History, we learn about Neil Armstrong. He's an astronaut and we thought he could help us fly our spaceship. He was the first man on the moon. We sequenced and retold the story of the moon landing and then acted it out ourselves! 

Apollo 11 - The First Moon Walk | Things You Wanna Know

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Once we decided we needed help from an astronaut, we thought about all of the adjectives to describe one. We thought they needed to be strong, brave, courageous and many other things to help us on our space rescue mission. 


We turned our adjectives into sentences using and. We did this to prepare for our advert we will be writing at the end of the week! We've been working really hard on our handwriting and some of us have moved onto books with really tiny lines to help us keep our writing neat!

In Geography, we were sent another letter from the aliens. This time, they had ripped up the map we were going to give to our captain so he knew where to find us. We had to put it back together. We then talked about all of the human and physical features in Middleton so we could give some clues to our astronaut to help him find us.


We decided we needed to write an advert to find someone to fly our space ship. We used questions and question marks to open our advert and then wrote about what we were looking for and why. Some of us challenged ourselves by using the word 'because' to make our sentences even stronger!


Today we had three people turn up to interview for the job of our astronaut. Neil Armstrong, Alexander Bell and Queen Elizabeth. Before they arrived, we wrote some questions which we would ask them about who they were, what they did and why they think they would be perfect for the job.

After finding out a bit about them, we made a decision about who we would like to fly our spaceship.


Today in Art, we looked at 'Starry Night' by Van Gogh. We created a class collage using tissue paper. We were each given a section of the artwork and had to recreate it before putting it altogether with everyone else's. This is how it turned out!

Today, the aliens left us riddles and challenges that we had to solve! They were tricky but we used our best team work to figure them out!


Today in RE, we learnt about the story of 'The Good Samaritan'. We watched the story and then had to sequence it. We had a discussion about what we thought about all of the people in the story and what we thought Jesus might be trying to tell Christians to do.


Today in Geography, we were thinking about directional language. We played a game on the carpet where we had to direct someone around the mat using directional language like 'forwards' 'backwards' 'left' 'right'. Once we had got the hang of that, Miss Dicks added some obstacles. 


We then had a go at making our own games and directing our partner around the board, using our new vocabulary.


Today we decided to write a diary entry to explain what had happened on Tuesday when the aliens left us challenges to complete! We thought about how we were feeling when doing the challenges and whether we found them easy or hard.

Today we learnt about Florence Nightingale. We learnt lots of facts about her and then wrote sentences about what we had learnt. Lots of us thought she was an incredibly brave and kind person.


Today another letter arrived. This time it had photos attached to it of a planet which had been destroyed by the aliens. The planet had been over run with medical supplies. We could see gloves, masks, bandages etc! We thought about the famous people we have been learning about and decided this sounded like Florence Nightingale may be linked to it!


We decided to write a setting description to send to her nursing school to let them know what had happened and what we could see.


Today in Art we have been experimenting with collaging and tissue paper again. This time we made space pictures! We used a black piece of paper for the background as it made a night sky, used silver stars to add some texture and then used tissue paper to collage the planets before sticking them on.

This week, we landed on Planet Grub. We got to try space food! Some of us liked it but some of us really weren't keen!

We then wrote evaluations about the food. We talked about the texture and flavour of the food and whether we liked or disliked it. 

This week we learnt about Samuel Pepys and The Great Fire of London. We decided that he would be helpful when we travel to Planet Inferno as he knows lots about fires! We decided to write him an invitation to invite him on our mission to catch the aliens.

We used what we'd learnt about The Great Fire of London and made houses just like the ones back then, to recreate our own Great Fire! We then set them alight and watched the flames take over all of our houses.

This week, we also used our collaging skills to create some art inspired by The Great Fire of London. We used red, orange and yellow to create flames. Once we'd practiced this skill, we used it to create a final piece of artwork.