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MATHS- Complete the GP and both workbook sheets.

in recent weeks Yellowstone National Park has been low on visitor numbers and as a result, they are in danger of shutting down. They have wrote to elder class and asked us to write a leaflet persuading people to visit and tell them all of the amazing things Yellowstone has to offer!

WRITING- Today's activity is to make a list of features in a leaflet (three main ones are enough) Then the children need to make a list of facts about Yellowstone National Park. Use the web links below, I want to see a page full of facts! This will make writing your leaflet a lot easier late this week. Make sure you watch the video!

Top Things to See at Yellowstone National Park

We spent two days exploring the amazing and unique Yellowstone National Park. Definitely visit if you haven't yet. Here are the top things you must see at Ye...