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Tuesday 26th January

Tuesday 26th January 2021


Please see the outline for the day below. 


PLEASE NOTE: I am working in school all day today so lessons will be coming live from school, however I won't be able to reply to emails as quickly as normal. Please keep sending emails in and I will respond late afternoon. Thank you!


Guided Reading - live on Teams at 10.30am

Today, we're going to being to look at our new reading skill - connections. This is something we haven't done before so in the live lesson I will demonstrate this skill and how we do it. Then, I'd like you to think about the text we are reading and we then need to think about how it relates to certain things:


How does Diary of a Wimpy kid relate to your life?

How does Diary of a Wimpy kid relate to other texts about children and for children?

How does Diary of a Wimpy kid relate to the real world and how school really is?


See the sheets below to complete the activity. They also include some guide questions for you to think about.


Science - anytime

Today, we are going to move on to the next part of our Animals including humans and begin to look at skeletons! Today's lesson talks about the different types of skeletons. You need to first go through the PowerPoint below and find out the information about the different types of skeletons. Then, do the following tasks:

1. Identify if the animals are vertebrate or invertebrate

2. Categorise the animals depending on which type of skeleton they have

3. Complete the quiz to see how many bones you know the names of.


Writing - live on Teams at 1pm

Now you have created your headdresses or pancakes, we need to start thinking about how to tell someone else how to do them. The way we can do that is by writing INSTRUCTIONS! Today, we're going to have a look at instructions and see what they need to include. In the live lesson, I'll go through instructions and the features and we'll read some together. Then, you need to look at the instructions below and see if they have all of the features in it, which can be found on the PowerPoint below. If you can print the instructions off, you could colour code each feature but if you can't, create a table like the one I've attached below and see which features are in which texts.


Maths - live on Teams at 9.15am

My group today are finishing our work with the column method of addition. We're going to have one final day of practicing using the compact formal method before moving on to subtraction tomorrow! Well done for all of your hard work my group - I think we have mastered this method now!