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Monday 11th Jan


Today we will be focusing on multiplying my 100. The methods for this are very similar to when we were multiplying by 10 but we are now moving to higher 3-digit numbers. We will do the 'In Focus' and 'Let's Learn' together on the live lesson and then you will complete the guided practice and workbook independently. You can either print the sheets off or do the questions on paper. Please see my example of the methods underneath. Then, you can ask your parents to send me an email containing a picture of your work for me to mark and give feedback.

Children's work- Frankie Simpson and Amelia-Rose

Guided reading:

Inference skills. Inference is where you use your own knowledge and hints made by the author to look for clues in the text. Sometimes you may not know everything about a character as it doesn't directly say it but you might think it through the language the author uses. During the live lesson we will have a practice at answering some inference questions and then for your independent task, you will write me a paragraph about whether you think the Iron Man is a good or bad character based on your inference skills. You can either type this up or hand write it on paper, whichever is easiest for you. Please send me any work completed through email and I will give you some feedback.

Children's work- Skyler


Continuing with prefixes. Today, we are going to be looking at the prefixes re- and sub-. A prefix comes before a root word and changes the meaning of that word. We are going to practice some on the live lesson and then I would like you to write down these spellings. Once you have done this, there is a worksheet attached and you must independently fill in the blanks with the correct prefix. After that, complete the handwriting lesson. This is attached as a video underneath and just like before, I understand that some people don't have lined paper but please do your best. Don't forget to ask someone at home to email me your work so that I can give feedback.

Handwriting practice

Still image for this video

Children's work- Sienna Thornton


Breaking News! A bear has escaped from Central Park Zoo and is making it's way back to it's natural habitat, Yellowstone National Park. Go through the presentation to find out more about this place and see if you can compare it to our surroundings. For example, how can you compare Yellowstone National Park to Middleton Park? You can use the presentation underneath and the internet to research the National Park to help you. Please send me your work through email.