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Art Gallery

Autumn 1 - 


Dylan for his amazing sweet sketch! Dylan designed a face out of sweets and then sketched the end product in his sketch book. He took his time with it and it turned out amazing. Well done Dylan!


BooBoo for her funny clown face! BooBoo created her clown face out of a paper plate and paper. She cut up the different pieces of paper to make hair and a red nose. She then drew on the rest of the face and added a bow tie and hat. Great work BooBoo. 

Autumn 2 - 


Ilina for her fantastic sketch of a teddy bear! I was so impressed with Ilinas sketch, she tried really hard to create texture with her pencil and her picture turned out amazingly!


Mason for his sketch of a melting clock. Mason had a picture of a melting clock and had to copy it in his own style. He perfected it and I loved how the end product looked. 

Spring 1 


Tyler completed an amazing collage fire using red, yellow and orange paper. He then cut it out and stuck it to a picture of a tudor house to show the Great Fire of London. It looked amazing. 


Olivier tried really hard with his collage work this half term. He copied Van Gogh's starry night picture and produced an amazing copy of it using different coloured tissue paper. Well done!

Spring 2 - 


Harley created an amazing felt flower piece. He tried really hard with cutting the different felt pieces out and I was so impressed with how beautifully it turned out. 


Georgia also created a felt flower piece. Georgia loved the colours she used and added in an extra sun at the top of her picture as she said it had to be nice weather for the flower to grow!