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Summer 1- The Great Fire of London

Come and join us in our next adventure! We will go back in time to 1665 and 1666 where we discover a pandemic that is making people so poorly! We will then learn about the history of the Great Fire of London and how it happened. We will also meet a clumsy baker who will need our help to make a sweet treat! 

Our adventure started by discovering a magical key. This key took us back in time to London in 1665. We walked down a crowded, smelly street. The houses were very close together, the street was filthy and covered in rats...

The children then wrote a setting description of the London street.

We then knew we had been to London. But where and what exactly was London? In geography we discovered this by first exploring and locating the seven continents of the world in atlases and globes. We then looked at the continent London was in and from there located the United Kingdom. We then identified the 4 countries and capital cities. We explored the flags too.

This week we met a barmy baker! She made a bit of a mess in our classroom. She was very clumsy and wasn't sure how to bake her famous biscuits and she needed our help. We enjoyed baking biscuits and then wrote instructions for how we made them.


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