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Autumn 2 - Zero to Hero!

Zero to Hero!

We returned to school after half term and found a mysterious letter.....we needed to help Hercules prove himself worthy of being an Ancient Greek God! He wanted us to help him find out all about his past in Ancient Greece. 

I need a hero!

Our main song this half term will be 'I need a hero'
Use the video to practice!

To kick start our adventure, we received a letter from somebody which included a set of clues. We had to follow them and eventually we found a mysterious box. Inside contained a letter from Hercules, asking if we could help him prove that he was a worthy God!

We decided to write a letter back to him, explaining why we would be the perfect person to help him!

We then had to start researching information about Ancient Greece. We began by looking at a map of Ancient Greece.

During an edit lesson, we looked at a description of Athens which was full of mistakes. We had to edit these so that it was correct.

We imagined that we had travelled back to Ancient Greece and were visiting Athens. We wrote a setting description of all that experienced.

We then learnt the story of Athena and Medusa. We created a storyboard to retell what had happened.

We then looked at the Trojan war and learnt how a Trojan horse was used as a defence. We designed our own Trojan horse before making it.

After making our Trojan horses, we then wrote an evaluation to discuss what went well and what could have gone better.

During anti-bullying week, we took part in lessons to help our awareness. We then designed posters to raise more awareness.

After looking at different Greek mythical creatures, we decided to design our own and then write a character description,

Within the adventure, we looked at the 12 Gods of Olympus. We chose our 4 favourite and created Top Trump cards to show off their skills and powers.

We then arrived an email and a huge delivery! The email said that we were needed in Athens to complete an archaeological dig where we found lots of different pieces of evidence that we needed to investigate.

After our dig, we then wrote diaries about our experience.

We then looked at how the Ancient Greeks punished people.We thought they were very harsh! We compared this to how Christians respond to justice.