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Thursday 11th February


Today we will be finding the end time given the start time and the duration in 30-minute and hourly intervals.


It is 3 o'clock- what tine will it be in 4 hours? The hour hand move 4 numbers OR 3+4 OR count on from 3, 4 times.


It is 2.45- what time will it be in 30 minutes. Look at a clock and count from where the minute hand starts in 5's until you get to 30. 


Today we are reading all about pirate equipment and weapons! We need to read the text carefully and find the answers that are written somewhere in the text.


It's story time. Now that we have completed our mission it is time for you to write your own story about finding some treasure. You story must include:

  • arriving somewhere (could be another island)
  • a problem (like the chest being covered with locks/a monster guarding it)
  • a solution (finding the locks/ making a sleeping potion for the monster)
  • getting the treasure.



Story examples

As our story is written in the past (as it has already happened) we need to make sure we are writing in past tense. 


Things to remember:

  • uncle -ed
  • was, saw, looked, arrived, opened


It's time to become a true pirate. Get creative and make your own pirate costume!

You could include: 

  • a pirate hat
  • an eye patch
  • a parrot on your shoulder 
  • a waistcoat 
  • breeches (pirate trousers)
  • a banadana
  • a weapon
  • boots