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Adventure One - Up, Up and Away

Our first adventure finds us in 1903 - we discover a strange package and quickly open it up. We find a kite and are amazed at how it works. This gets our imaginations going... could we make the first aeroplane? Do you think we can do it? Come with us on our journey!
After we opened up the package and discovered the kite, we decided to go outside and test it out to see how high it would fly. We had so much fun and loved how the long tail on it would float in the air. We then came inside and wrote an amazing piece of descriptive writing on what the kite looked like. 
We looked at the artist Roy Litchenstein, he was mainly known for his pop art work. We wanted to make our kite look more interesting and were inspired by Roy's pop art designs, we decided to give it a go ourselves. We used cotton buds to create the tiny dots and tried really hard to make it as neat as possible. They turned out really well!
We went to visit our friend Troy the train this week. He was going to teach us how to go really fast! We went on a trip with him and ended up at sweetie land. We wrote about all of the amazing things we could see. 
We had so much fun singing along to the magic train ride this week. This is our class song so by the end of the half term we will know it perfectly!  We love seeing all of the different lands Troy the train ends up in! 

Magic Train Ride | Barefoot Books Singalong

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We looked at a text from one of our stories. We noticed that there was capital letters and full stops in all of the wrong places! We went through it as a class, ensuring that the writing was how it should be.
This week we met Mabel the motorbike, she helped us with our balancing skills. We raced around her race track and then wrote about how we went round it. Look at the pictures below! 
We made our own kites today. We had to create a design for them first, then we had to fold the edges over, sellotape them and stick a straw on. We loved how they turned out. 
We have been working really hard at building up muscle in our little fingers. We had different pipe cleaners and had to make a necklace from it by threading beads on to it. 
In Science we have been looking at the four seasons and what the weather is like in them. We love singing alone to our season song!

Seasons Song

The Seasons Song is a Science song that teaches the seasons of the year. The Seasons Song teaches the Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter. Free Teaching Resourc...

We had so much fun watching the mad science assembly! We even got to do an experiment of our own. Look at what we got up to below.
This week we met Boris the boat. We decided to make our own version of him and floated them. Some of them worked really well and we found some of them leaked water so we had to re do them and get them to work! 
In our editing lesson we looked at capital letters. We were given lower case and upper case letters and had to match them up together. We did a fantastic job!
In RSHE we looked at our feelings and emotions. We looked at how people show how they feel with their faces. We were then told an emotion and had to make that face using playdough.
In Science we looked at different materials and what they were made from. We then tested them out to find out about their properties!