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Summer 1

Summer 1 - Maths

This half term the children are learning to understand numbers beyond 10. They start to understand the idea that each number 10-19 has 1 ten and some more. The children represent numbers using ten frames, numicon and counters. They understand that larger numbers are made up of smaller numbers. We will be ordering numbers 0-20 and learning odd, even and addition and subtraction facts. 

Numbers 11-14

This week the children have been understanding numbers beyond 10. We discussed 10 having one group of 10 and no more. The children understood that 0 is a place holder for when more come along. When 1 more was added to 10 we had 11. Zero switched places with 1 as we now have 1 ten and 1 more. We tested this with 12, 13 and 14. 

Numbers 15-17

The children have definitely showcased their maths knowledge today. They were challenged to match the correct quantity to the numeral. They recognised and correctly named 11 - 18 and count represent it using 1 ten and the correct amount of ones. 

Finding numerical patterns in 15

We were introduced to the 'Super Secret Step Squad' this week. The squad consists of 1,2,3,4,5 and when they're together they equal 15! The children made their own step squad using cubes and saw how the number increases by one each time creating a step. The children recognised the number 15. They represented 15 on a ten frame too. 

First, then and now

This week in maths, we have been looking at first, then and now. First we start with an amount, then we add some more so now we have a new amount. From this, we have demonstrated how to write number sentences.

Unknown then (how many more)

This week we are following on from our first, then, now additional knowledge. We have been solving problems by finding out how many more we're added. 

1. How many objects can you see? 

2. Put that many on the ten frame.

3. How many have we got now?

4. put more counters on in a different colour until you get to the amount we have now. 

5. Count the amount of counters we have in the other colour. This shows you how many more we got. 

first I had 2, now I have 5. I added 3 more.  

Finding how many more to make a total amount