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Spring 2

Easter egg hunt
On the last day of term I hid lots of little bunnies and chicks around the classroom for the children to find. They were so excited and they all helped each other to find the last ones. Well done Nursery. 


We had a look at different signs of spring today. We looked at buds on trees and lambs and chicks. We also looked at a photo of a frog. The children were then interested in the lifecycle of a frog. We talked about how the eggs turn into tadpoles then into frogs. We then went to see if there was any frogspawn in the pond. We were amazed to see there was. The children loved seeing the frogspawn so we brought some to watch into nursery. We can’t wait to see what happens. 

Easter fun

We have enjoyed exploring Easter time , we have shared books, been imaginative with Easter bunnies, eggs and chicks.  

The children have been busy being creative and are becoming more confident to have a go at writing their name on any lovely creative work the produce.  



We love baby chicks,  and enjoyed watching a video which showed us baby chicks hatching out of the eggs.  


Exploring Eggs

We have had hard boiled eggs to explore in our play this week.  Some great fine motor development opportunities for the children as they peeled off the shell.  Children enjoyed role playing cooking eggs,  as they took them into the kitchen, we were offered many different eggy breakfasts this week! 

Five little chicks counting rhyme 

The children enjoyed learning , singing and acting out the rhyme, we said how many chicks we could see at different times and counted forwards and backwards.  We also counted baby chicks into a nest and looked at numbers on chicks, some children did a great job  placing the numbered chicks in order on the carpet as they played together.  

Springtime planting

We have planted some flower seeds in compost and have taken them home to grow.  Some children have already told us that they have started to grow.

" They have grown just a little bit!" said Zimal when she came back to nursery the following week.  

Snowy Days

We had so much fun playing in the snow. The children rolled up the snow and threw them on the ground and at the walls where the snow then stuck. They wrapped up warm with their hats and gloves and enjoyed running around. They were able to say how the snow felt in their hands that it was “cold and squashy.” (Elijah) 

This is such a popular story, the children love to join in telling the story, remembering the different number of fruits the caterpillar eats each day.  We have had lots of conversations whilst sharing the story.  

We looked at an information book all about Eggs.  We  knew that chicks hatch out of eggs but we were amazed to find out all of the different animals that also hatch out of eggs.


Some children enjoyed threading laces through holes in leaves, this is great for developing fine motor skills. Threading also helps to develop hand-eye coordination and concentration skills.  The children were really pleased with themselves and so they should be!



We have been doing squiggle while you wiggle for a while and recently bought some scarves to wiggle with and to make patterns with. The children have loved moving to different music and practising their gross motor skills. 

We painted paper plates and arranged them on the carpet to make a really long caterpillar!

We know that caterpillars come out of little eggs, we made caterpillars with dough and decorated butterflies.

The children enjoyed exploring with paints, mixing yellow and blue together to make green!  

We love drawing on the big sheets of paper.

This week we have been reading the story 'The Three Billy Goats Gruff.' The children have really enjoyed the story and were excited to go off and play with the goats in the small world area. They have been able to recite the story and we keep hearing them repeat phrases in the continuous provision. It has been so lovely to see.

We have shown the children five frames and ten frames this week. They had to roll the dice and subitise the number it landed on. They then had to put the correct number of goats on the five frame correctly. The children were brilliant at this and enjoyed using their knowledge of number to help them. 


We did our first PE lesson today which was lots of fun. We pretended we were witches and wizards and learnt about spacial awareness. We were able to find our own space after lots of practise. We then pretended the hoops were cauldrons and we had to avoid them. The children loved it and cannot wait for next week. 

We have done lots of mark making this week, painting and colouring. We looked at pictures of goats and painted our own and we coloured in drawings of trolls greens and blues and purples. 

It’s Pancake day! 

Together we agreed on the ingredients we needed to make pancakes, and wanted to have a go at making some together in school .

We helped to make the pancake batter and waited patiently for Mrs Caradice to cook them in the pan. 

We chose from lemon and sugar or syrup for the topping, syrup was the favourite.

Our children have access to scissors in nursery and are encouraged to use them to make snips in paper.  Once they are able to do this, they develop their skills so that they are able to cut paper as they wish.  Lots of concentration was being shown as these children developed their cutting skills.