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Link to alphabet video.


Please help your child to understand the letter name is the capital letter and the letter sound (that they learn in phonics) is the lower case letter. 



After watching have ago at making your own alphabet caterpillars! Don't worry if you haven't got coloured paper, plain or scrap paper will work just as well. This will also help to develop their fine motor skills using child scissors if you have any.


Alternatively, you could create your own Alphabet pairs or matching game where you turn over a sound and they have to match it to the correct 



Please share your photos with us on tapestry, we would love to see them!



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Here is the link to the online addition game on top marks. This is just like the addition work that we have been doing at school this week but instead of finding out the total treasure that there is, you are finding out how many animals there are all together. 


If adding amounts on the screen is a bit tricky trying adding objects from around your home together.


eg. 4 grapes + 2 strawberries. Remember check how many of each quantity there is first and then calculate the answer by adding them all together. You can use anything!  Pencils, cars, dolls etc...


Grown ups: Can your child subitise (recognise how many there are without counting them) the single amounts? 

for example. Do they just know that there are 4 grapes or do they need to count each grape to know that there are 4?

Craft Time

Use a toilet roll tube to create your own animals or creature. What will you decide to make?


Here are a couple of examples to help you decide

Story Time


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Miss Lindsay and Mrs Burke/Miss Kirk Phonics group

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Phonics- Miss penny and Miss Rhodes group

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Miss penny and Miss Rhodes group continued

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Miss Murphy’s phonics group

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