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Castles, Knights and Dragons 

This half term we are going to be moving on to one of our most exciting topics, 'Castles, Knights and Dragons'.

This week we will be thinking about castles and their different parts. 


For your Literacy task today I would like you to have a look at all the castles below and then draw me a picture of your castle. In the olden days castles had a lot of different parts and depending on how old they were, they were made out of lots of different materials including stone, straw and wood. 



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Today we are exploring the Z and z sounds. Can you have a go at writing and practising red words and things beginning with z and Z. Watch below for your phonics lessons and red word spellings for this week. 


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Red Words

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Maths - Representing 9 and 10.


We will be carrying on with a number composition work this half term and within this we will be looking at numbers 9 and 10. Some children will be more confident than others with these numbers but with lots of practice seeing number patterns, representing numbers and the composition of numbers children will acquire in depth number skill needed to tackle more complex number problems through school.

Representing 9 and 10

Word of the Week 


Your challenge is to find out the meaning of this word with mum and dad and then draw me a picture of what it means. 

Castle Colouring Sheets 

Sometimes we all need a bit of fun colouring or painting below are some colouring sheets you could enjoy painting or colouring with your child.