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Adventure 6: A Term at Hogwarts (Continued)

After an amazing half term and proving our potential as witches and wizards, we were invited by Professor Dumbledore to extend our stay and remain at Hogwarts until the end of the year - continuing this incredibly popular adventure for another seven weeks!

One of the problems at Hogwarts is with students sneaking into the Forbidden Forest on a dare.

The forest is forbidden for a reason. All the ambient magic from the school has infected the forest making it an extremely dangerous place: paths can change as you walk along them; rolling fog can enchant unwary witches and wizards and make them forget where and even who they are; some of the trees are carnivorous and can ensnare unwary travellers in their eternal embrace; and none of this is to mention the dark creatures than inhabit the forest!


Professor Dumbledore has enlisted our help in writing a description of the forest which truly captures its atmosphere in the hopes it will deter further incursions into the forest.

To inspire our writing about the Forbidden Forest, we took our learning outside for a walk through Middleton Woods. While there, we  imagineered that we were deep in the dark, spooky forest at Hogwarts and made notes trying to use our 5 senses.


We decided to make a piece of art trying to show the creepy atmosphere inside the forest. We used a variety of styles: watercolour, charcoal, silhouetting and oil pastels.

While inside the forest, we encountered some strange (and sometimes terrifying) creatures. We wrote a report on some of these beasts in order to help Hagrid and his Care of Magical Creatures class.