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Wonderful Wednesday

Today we are exploring what a pirate would look like. Imagine you are on Skull Island. You are about to meet a fierce crew of pirates waiting in the woods to steal your treasure. Imagine what they would look like. Do they have hats? Do they have eye patches? Beards? Hooks for hands? You need to design a pirate that is just as fierce - can you draw your pirate and then have a go at labelling him. 


Today we are investigating the sound R and r. Watch the video below and then have a go at some of these activities. 


Trash or Treasure 

Write the following words on bits of paper.










Chop the words up. 

Draw a treasure chest and a bin.

Sound each word out and decide if it is a real word (treasure) or an alien word (trash). Put the words on the treasure and trash pictures to show which ones are real words and which are not.


Still image for this video

Green Words

Still image for this video

red words 2.mp4

Still image for this video

Composition of number 8 - Making 8


Today we are going to look at different ways of making 8. It might be helpful if you have 8 objects and your 10 frame with you for this activity.


Click the link and watch the video of me going through each slide. Then have a go at the activity.

Crafting two Pirate Hands 

I thought it might be fun for the children to take inspiration from below and craft two pirate hands. This is a lovely crafting activity where you can talk about number, drawing round your fingers on your hands. You can decorate your pirate hands however you would like.