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Autumn 2

Celebrations Around the World

This half term sees us celebrating festivals and celebrations from around the world, travelling with two children and our magical Gini to a different country in the world every week. we will enjoy fun filled weeks and learn about new cultures and places in the world on our adventures. 

Week 1 

What a fantastic week we have had celebrating bonfire night and learning about our traditional uk celebrations. We listened carefully to the sounds of fireworks and then used our ideas to paint them and write cvc and ccvc firework sounds in glitter.

We celebrated bonfire foods and number by counting out 4 marshmallows onto a 10 frame and looking carefully at the composition of 4, one more and one less.

Week 2

This week the children Zane and Habiba travelled to India where they made Diwa lamps and learned about the amazing celebration of Diwali. Our children made lamps with 4 jewels on in an ABAB pattern. They pin pointed India on the world map and we also tried some amazing Indian food. We used it as inspiration for hearing first and last sounds and writing a shopping list. 

The children were very excited to learn about different cultures and especially excited by the story of Rama and Sita. Children also built a bridge outside to help Sita escape from the Island with Ravana on and acted out the story. 

Rangoli Patterns

Week 3

This week we travelled to China to celebrate the Chinese festival of the Autumn Moon. We have also been looking at the number 5 and how we can represent this in different ways. The children started by decorating dragon masks and making Chinese lanterns, they also enjoyed making Chinese Moon Cakes and exploring the story of the goddess Chang'e and the magic elixir that made her float to the moon. 

The children made their own elixir and also wrote the ingredients for their potion down. They also made moon cakes and decorated them writing the ingredients on white boards. 

Week 4

This week we celebrated Thanksgiving. We learned about Thanksgiving foods by counting out 6 of them onto a 10 square. We also wrote menus and learned about the story of Thanksgiving. 


Week 5 - Hannukah


This week we travelled to Israel to celebrate the story of Hanukah with our Jewish friends. The chidlren made leven and also made a Jewish star of David from two triangles to investigate our number of the week which was 6. We counted the sides and and the points. We also wrote an invitation to our parents to invite them to our sader feast.


Sophie made 6 pieces of leven for the sader.

Week 6 - Christmas stories from around the world

The chidlren have been investigating Christmas stories from around  the world and this week we have had lots of fun investigating 'The Jolly Christmas Postman'. We have been investigating the number 7 and counting two groups of items from the picture of Santas grotto. The chidlren were fascinated by this picture and loved counting all the different items. They enjoyed adding two groups together. They also had lots of fun riding their bikes around the outdoor area pretending to be the jolly postman delivering the correct amounts of letters to the right post boxes.