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'If you believe you can do it, you can and you will!'

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Bug Club 


Log in to your Bug Club account and read one of the stories in your library. Don't forget to click the bug on each page to answer a question. When you have answered all the bug questions in the book a new book will be put into your library.


If you have forgotten your log in details please email

This week we will be working through the Early Years White Rose Maths website 'Alive in 5' click the link below and find Session 3 - Composition of numbers to 5. After you have completed the video have a go at your own throwing game. Make your own target, it could be a blanket on the floor or a large cushion. Find 5 items that are safe to throw and work out your own scores. 


Can you tell me which amounts make 5. 


4 and ?

3 and ?

2 and ?

1 and ?


Today we will be exploring the 'f' sound, one of the quietest sounds and hardest to say. Please watch the video below and then have a go at writing the sound and completing the worksheets and workbooks.



Still image for this video

Literacy - Harry and the bucketful of Dinosaurs

This is a wonderful story about a little boys first day at school. Please watch the story below and then decide what you would find in your bucket. In my bucket I found a fair ground with lots of stalls and rides that the dinosaurs could have a go on. What will you find? Use the template to draw me a picture. Can you label your picture for me?



Still image for this video


I , my, the, your, said, dinosaur.

Bubble wrap dino printing. 

Bubble wrap is something we only usually see in parcels but it is actually also really good for arts and crafts. Cut the out a dino onto card and then cut roughly the same size amount of bubble wrap. Pour several different colours of paint onto a plate and enjoy making multicoloured prints to give you dinosaurs a scaly skin. You can even glue the bubble wrap onto your dinos if you want to give them a spongy feeling. Most importantly - have fun!