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Friday 5th Feb


As you have done so well with the line graphs this week, I thought it would be a good idea to consolidate all that we have learnt. During the live lesson, we will discuss all the things we now know about bar charts, picture graphs and line graphs. We will think about what sort of information is put into them and who might use this way of keeping track of information. After the live lesson, you will independently carry out the mind workout questions. These will be to check your understanding of line graphs before moving onto the next chapter.


Guided reading:

Now that we have read quite a lot of The Twits, we are going to answer some retrieval comprehension questions to check your understanding. During the live lesson, we will recap what has happened so far in the book and practice some questions together. You will then independently answer some comprehension questions in full sentences. All of the chapters have been uploaded to help you. 


As you know, in all stories there is always a problem that occurs. Watch the short film that we are basing our story on again to recap. The problem is that the 2 coins get stuck in the well so their wishes can't come true. You need to make sure that this problem sounds like a disaster! You are going to do this by focusing on using fronted adverbials, this will add to the tension and suspense. You will then write another paragraph with the solution, all problems need to be resolved. We will discuss how this can be done in the live lesson and then you will go away and write your problem and solution paragraphs to add to your story so far. An example has been added for you to magpie ideas from.

The Wishgranter

Watch the film again to help jog your memory!



Here is a short video of Miss Shaw reading a book about Mental Health called 'The Negative Hat'. I would like you to watch this video and design your own hat with the thoughts and feelings that come with it. You can magpie some ideas from the book or even go with what you are feeling today but I would like your hat to look different to the ones in the book. Be creative!

The Negative Hat

Celebration assembly!

Star of the week- Miss Robertshaw will choose the person who has been trying extra hard all week and has stood out for their outstanding work and attitude in all areas.

The Bug Club Award- this goes to the person who has been reading on bug club and is clearly trying their best with the questions.

Good work- 4 people have the opportunity to get good work as their will be someone chosen for each subject.