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New chapter! Today we're starting a new chapter in Maths and it's all about picture graphs, tally charts and bar graphs! 


Today we're looking at drawing picture picture graphs. Underneath, there is an image of how we show five in a tally chart. Then there is an image of how Emma uses a tally chart to show the number of fruits in the baskets. Finally, there is an image of how Emma has used a picture graph to display her results.


Today's task:


GP: firstly, show the amount of children in each class using a tally.


2nd table: Show the amount of children in each class using orange circles (ONE ORANGE CIRCLE = 2 CHILDREN.) don't let this trick you! For example: 3B- five children = 2 and a half orange circles, 3C is also five children meaning it is 2 and a half orange circles. Use picture below for reference. 


Workbook: Fill in the blanks with the correct pictures and information. MAKE SURE YOU LOOK AT THE KEY FIRST!




Try and count up in sixes to 42 in under 15 seconds! Send your video the class email.


Our skill in Guided Reading this week is Inference! Using clues to make statements about the text, characters, pictures and anything else!


Today's task: 


Make inference and literal statements using the picture. Take your time and focus on using clues from the text and the picture to help you make inference statements, this is the most important part. 


Today you're going to write your second main paragraph! You're going to discuss all of the positive reasons for living in the U.K.


Just like yesterday, I want you to include a range of conjunctions so that your paragraph flows and each reason leads into the next.


In this paragraph you're also going to include some speech! What could a popular magazine have said to convince someone to move to the United Kingdom. The 'Countryside Weekly' magazine stated "The U.K is one of the most desirable places to live in the world" in their most recent article.

Use the template below to create your own sentence using speech.


Once you have your sentence, write your main paragraph discussing all of the reasons why the U.K. is an excellent place to live. 


Practice forming the spike letter 't'.


Still image for this video


In RSHE we're looking at bullying and today we're focusing on the effect it can have on people! 


Today's task is very simple. 


You need to:


Watch the video a number of times and answer the questions below.


Really think about how this sort of behaviour can make someone feel and how it might be similar to how someone  may feel in school. Finally, I want you to think about who is the winner in the end and how is this achieved?



1. How do you think Wing feels?

2. Do you think it is unfair how Wing is being treated?

3. Who is the winner in the end? How did they achieve this?

4. What do you think the message of the story is?

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